Why should parents limit screen time of their kids?

There is an old adage that excess of anything is harmful. The same principle applies to mobiles and other digital devices. In modern times, we are so much dependent on these digital devices that we tend to delegate them the important task of guiding and educating our young kids. This has led the kids to be obsessed with the digital platform and become reliant on it for information, entertainment, social connection, etc. The overindulgence of kids on these devices is often considered to be equivalent to ‘behavioural addiction’. There are many reasons to limit the time spent by your child in front of a screen. Some of the good reasons why a parent must limit the screen time of their kids are provided below.

  • Lack of outdoor activities

Dependency on the screen makes a kid lethargic. They don’t want to get out and indulge in any outdoor activities like sports. Lack of exercise hurts the development of a child’s brain and its proper functioning.

  • Lack of social contact

Kids often tend to take their mobiles to the dining tables and social gatherings to play, Instagram, etc. while others interact. Instead of interacting with others, they prefer screen time activities and hence retract from the real world around them. Several kids also develop depression and anxiety issues because of this factor.

  • Exposure to radiations

Cell phones emit radiations that have been linked to cancer by many. Though the effects of radiations are still controversial, it is recommended by medical practitioners that you limit the usage of these devices to a minimum.  

  • Eye defects

The strain put on eyes by continued screen usage results in several disorders like blurry vision, eye fatigue, double vision, drying of capillaries in eyes, etc The over usage of digital devices has resulted in children developing eye problems at a very young age.

  • Adequate development of toddlers is hampered

It is important to have ample physical activities for kids to develop their motor skills and visual and spatial skills. Hi tech modern gadgets have a negative impact on the cognitive development of a child. It is necessary that a parent cuts on the screen time of a child to aid in their overall development.

  • Back and neck posture

The poor posture promoted by handheld devices results in several back and neck problems. They hunch over the mobile screens, lie down in several postures to view the screen and look down for long duration, thus resulting in subluxations, or misalignments in the child’s spine, and several other health issues.

  • Unhealthy choices

Frequent advertisements result in persistent hammering of a thought in a child’s mind. This results in the kid’s demanding those items that are being advertised. Since children are easier to manipulate, unnecessary eating patterns and ill-habits are promoted in a child and they begin making unhealthy choices. 

It is necessary for a parent to ensure that their child does not get addicted to these devices. The best way to ensure that they do not overindulge in the techs around them is to download a screen time parental control app. Applications like Kids Place have proven to be an effective tool to help parents remotely control a child’s screen time on their mobiles and help them regulate what applications can a child use. The application has successfully helped numerous kids to focus on studies, sports, and other such essential activities. 

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