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Google’s safe browsing is helping to build a secured web?

‘Safety First’ – keeping this vision in focus, Google developers are continuously working to make the user’s mobile world safe. Now, this internet search engine giant has made safe browsing possible on all Android phones with Google Play Protect. Google … Read More

What if you give an unfiltered phone to your kids?

The world is advancing and we are our lives are being influenced a lot by the latest technology. We start our day by checking our smartphone. Even when we go to sleep, we make sure to check our phone once. … Read More

The Momo Challenge and Other Harmful Games

After the launch of the vile and dangerous social media game Blue Whale last year, parents are now being worried and warned by the experts of the new online ‘suicide game’ Momo Challenge. It is a disturbing ‘challenge’ based game … Read More

Is unfiltered phone bad for kids?

You must be thinking about how an unfiltered phone can harm your kid. Matt Fradd, one of the most popular podcasters, an anti-porn activist and an acclaimed author has said that if you are giving your child an iPhone or … Read More

Is your child addicted to PUBG

Gone are the days when children used to love spending more time outside. But things are upside down and be it an adult or a kid, they like to spend more and more time stuck to the smartphone or the … Read More

PUBG addiction – it can destruct your child’s brain

We all are addicted to gadgets, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet. We wake up in the morning and start our day looking over our smartphone. You might be thinking what’s wrong with this, but when you take time … Read More

Is Snapchat’s new feature “Cosmo After Dark” inappropriate?

If your kids are on Snapchat, and you don’t have any idea about how it works, I suggest you go through this right now and figure it out. And, for those who are familiar with Snapchat, then it is important … Read More

Best parental control apps for safe internet browsing

In addition to the endless benefits it offers, the internet also requires some precautions to be taken to prevent the threats hidden behind. Surfing internet has become an important part of our day-to-day activities.  At any moment and within a … Read More

Limit screen time: A healthier approach to lead a better life

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is to check our smartphone. Then we go to the washrooms with our smartphone and scroll through our favorite social media apps. We eat breakfast while watching TV … Read More

Can too much screen time damage the brain?

These days, it is common to see the children involved too much with their gadgets. Keep aside the children; even the adults are addicted to the mighty screens. People spend less time out and more time in, as they are … Read More

5 top browser apps for anonymous and safe web browsing

When we need information, Google, Firefox and Edge are probably those where you move first to find that particular information. These web browsers allow us to browse the web with ease and also keep the downloading and browsing history, cookies, … Read More

Why Do You Need a Safe Browser Parental Control

As a parent, we try keeping our kids away from all dangers of the world. To encourage responsible and safe behaviour in a child, it is necessary that we promote digital resilience among them. We need to help them recognize … Read More

YouTube still can’t stop child predators in its comments

Watch Out For Child Predators in YouTube Comments As millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every week, this practice faces waves of criticism now and then from the people. The new wave is all about the alarming number of … Read More

App To Handle Your Child’s Activities

YouTube is one of the popular portals for viewing video content online. It has a range of contents for viewing by children and adults. It contains videos ranging from cartoons to TV episodes to science videos to early learning shows. … Read More

Set parental controls on Mac for safer online activities

In today’s world of developed technology, we are presented with a number of highly supportive gadgets and gizmos. This has made it nearly impossible for parents to restrict their children from viewing and browsing content over the internet that is … Read More

How to Open Parental Control App on a Smart Phone?

In this era, where toddlers use smartphones and teens socialize over the internet, the challenge most parents face is the boons and banes of the smartphone. The parents understand that restricting their children from using a smartphone could affect not … Read More

How to Activate Parental Control on YouTube

YouTube is home to trillions of videos and we can come across literally everything we want to know about. Listening to music to watching funny videos, learning mathematics to cooking lessons, cartoon shows to adult content, YouTube made us learn … Read More

How to Install Parental Control on mobile

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Install Parental Control On Mobile Mobile phones have transformed the manner in which we lead our everyday lives. Such has been the effect of smartphones that they have turned into an important part of … Read More

How to Control FaceBook Screen Time for Your Kids?

Young minds love to make new friends and interacting with new people. They find such opportunities through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Social media apps facilitate us in group messaging, image and video sharing, video calling, … Read More

How to limit screen time for kids? Use Parental Control Apps!

Screen time is the time frame for which someone is engaged in a device like television, mobile, laptop, video games, etc. There are a number of ways in which a child interacts with the screen such as: Passive use: Watching … Read More

Key Benefits of Using Safe Browser Parental Control

Safe Browser Parental control apps allow the parents to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate or unsuitable content on the internet. Things that are harmful are much easily accessible and more appealing to a child of tender age. This questionable … Read More

Save your child from games like Sick Momo Challenge

In the past few years, we have heard about many harrowing games of death targeting vulnerable children online. From 7-years jumping from roofs, cutting their hair, cycling into walls and threatening their siblings and classmates with knives, one such harrowing … Read More

Not more than 18? UK ensures online porn is not for you!

The lawmakers in the UK have taken a big step towards protecting children from online porn. They have added an age restriction on internet porn usage. From 1st April, the online porn sites will obtain identification from the users to … Read More

Protect your child from child predators!

Who hasn’t heard of YouTube? Every week, millions of videos of different genre are uploaded on YouTube by the users. Some of the videos are informative and interesting, while some of them are alarming. Because of those videos, YouTube faces … Read More

Protect your child from child predators!

Who hasn’t heard of YouTube? Every week, millions of videos of different genre are uploaded on YouTube by the users. Some of the videos are informative and interesting, while some of them are alarming. Because of those videos, YouTube faces … Read More

Set parental controls to limit your child’s screen time

How often do you find your child playing on their smartphones? Do you allow your kids to use your phone? If yes, then you might want to set some restrictions on it first. Especially with screen time! Having children in … Read More

UK Takes Big Step to Protect Children From Online Porn

UK takes a step forward to protect children from online porn! Have you? Online pornography has affected the lives of numerous children all over the world including the UK. Keeping this in view, lawmakers in the United Kingdom have put … Read More

Can Too Much Screen Time Damage Your Eyes?

In this digital era, it is common to see everyone with their eyes glued to television, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Be it a toddler or an adult, everyone is hooked to the beauty of digitalization. The hiccup is all about … Read More

What parents really need to know about the “Momo Challenge”

You’ve likely seen a number of stories in news and social feeds about the dangers of something named as “The Momo Challenge”. Usually, this accompanies an image of a grotesque bird-head with several warnings about the children encouraging themselves to … Read More

How much screen time is good for a 13-year-old?

Reaching 13 years of age, your kid in no longer a small child. They become more rebellious and are easily manipulated by external sources that promise them a relaxed and carefree life. They are easily addicted to the screens and … Read More

Why should parents limit screen time of their kids?

There is an old adage that excess of anything is harmful. The same principle applies to mobiles and other digital devices. In modern times, we are so much dependent on these digital devices that we tend to delegate them the … Read More

How to Control TikTok Screen Time on Your Smartphone?

Open TikTok, and you might find yourself spending long hours watching videos after the video. Right? While each video is very short, it’s highly possible to watch hundreds of them back to back. And, even creating your own brings more … Read More

How much screen time is good for you and your kids?

Screen time is the amount of time that we spend using a device like, mobile, laptop, TV, etc. Too much screen time is not healthy for any individual of any age group and can lead to several health risks such … Read More

Benefits of Google Pixel XL Parental Controls

If your kids have their own mobile phone, you may want a way to track and control their usage. The best parental control apps like Kids Place offers ways to limit the time your kids spend on their phones, block … Read More

Why You Need to Consider Mi A2 Parental Controls

As soon as our teenagers consider themselves as independent and grown-ups, they require parental attention the most. With the passage of time, the need for parental surveillance has intensified due to the influence of technology. Teenagers are addicted to digital … Read More

How to Set Parental Controls on ASUS ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL)

Kids always vie for the latest phones and gadgets. Be it Nintendo in the 80s or iPhone 6 in 2014, each new generation is one step ahead in terms of grasp of technology. So how do parents can stay one … Read More

Which is the best app to limit screen time for kids?

A majority of parents today are concerned about the amount of time their child is spending on phones and other digital media. Controlling the screen time for kids has shifted from merely watching the televisions to smartphones, laptops, video games, … Read More

How to download Kids Place parental controls on Vivo Nex?

The digital world has provided endless opportunities for the entertainment of our kids, but we all need to educate them about its dangers. Handing over a smartphone to the younger kids can be risky if you don’t know about their … Read More

Which is the best app to limit screen time for your kids?

Setting up the limit to a kid’s time spent on electronic devices is not an easy task, especially in today’s screen filled surroundings. It is important to ensure age-appropriate access and use of content by the kids. Apart from the … Read More

Parents, manage mobile phone used by kids! Use parental control apps

In this age of globalization, the demand and usage of mobile devices have increased exponentially and in today’s digitally connected world, any child can easily manage opening mobile apps, even those containing adult content that is not appropriate for their … Read More

Problems faced when using a screen time parental control app

Technological development and latest innovations in digital gadgets have made them favorite pass time for the children. Children easily get hooked up with these gadgets and begin to rely on them for entertainment, social touch and education. Though the benefits … Read More

Keep your kids safe online at home or at friends’ place

In young minds, we see curiosity to know the unknown, and desire to explore something new. While doing this innocently, they tend to commit mistakes that may cause severe consequences. Since they are not capable enough of differentiating between right … Read More

5-Go for Phone Detox if you are fed up with your kids’ social media obsession

Why this is happening and how to deal with this problem begins at home where such habits of children need to be restricted. But if, it has already gripped your kid, you should go for phone detox.  When we talk … Read More

How to keep your child safe from Phishing

The Internet has provided endless opportunity for entertainment, but we need to educate our children about the dangers that exist there. One such category belongs to hackers, who run a factory of lies and fake information. Through fake mail, they … Read More

Use parental control to protect your children from cybercriminals

Technology invasion in every household has made children most vulnerable. Since they lap up any gadget in a family and start exploring it, they are the prime target of hackers who can wreak havoc using the stolen data. In 2017, … Read More

Easy ways to control your child’s smartphone

Technology has connected people from every part of the world, and Social media has facilitated it more. It has a very strong presence in our everyday lives. More than adults, kids and teenagers are more into it, especially on Facebook, … Read More

How to handle WhatsApp behaviour of kids

Young minds love to make new friends and interact with new people. The ample opportunity they find through strong social media presence on Facebook and especially WhatsApp. If you noticed sudden surge in the habit of your kids, especially during … Read More

Gifting Tablet to your kids? Take this precaution – Download the best parental control app

Christmas is the festival that brings celebration and togetherness. For kids, it’s an occasion to receive gifts from their parents and from other relatives. I’m sure you too have promised gifts to your kids! If it is a Tablet, you … Read More

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