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6- Worried? How to keep your kid safe online at friends’ place; Read on

In young minds, we see curiosity to know the unknown, and desire to explore something new. While doing this innocently, they tend to commit mistakes that may cause severe consequences. Since they are not capable enough of differentiating between right … Read More

5-Go for Phone Detox if you are fed up with your kids’ social media obsession

Why this is happening and how to deal with this problem begins at home where such habits of children need to be restricted. But if, it has already gripped your kid, you should go for phone detox.  When we talk … Read More

How to keep your child safe from Phishing

Internet has provided endless opportunity for entertainment, but we need to educate our children about dangers that exist there. One such category belongs to hackers, who run factory of lies and fake information. Through a fake mail they may ask … Read More

Use parental control to protect your children from cybercriminals

Technology invasion in every household has made children most vulnerable. Since they lap up any gadget in a family and start exploring it, they are prime target of hackers who can wreak havoc using the stolen data. In 2017, identity … Read More

Check screen time of your kid through Parental Control App

Technology has connected people from every part of the world, and Social media has facilitated it more. It has very strong presence in our everyday lives. More than adults, kids and teenage are more into it, especially on Facebook, Twitter … Read More

How to handle WhatsApp behaviour of kids

Young minds love to make new friends and interact with new people. The ample opportunity they find through strong social media presence on Facebook and especially WhatsApp. If you noticed sudden surge in the habit of your kids, especially during … Read More

Gifting Tablet to your kids? Take this precaution!

Christmas is the festival that brings celebration and togetherness. For kids, its an occasion to receive gifts from their parents and from other relatives. I’m sure you too have promised gifts to your kids! If it is a Tablet, you … Read More

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