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Internet made safe for kids

Kids Friendly Browser

Kids Safe Browser Parental Control allows kids to access only those apps or content that their parents approve.

Filter Content

Keep your kids safe and protected with this child browser and powerful parental control tool! Advanced internet filter, web filter & superior content filtering is here to block everything that is not children safe!

The needed Safe Browser Tool

In the modern era where content that is harmful is easily accessible, our kids safe browser is a much needed tool for every parent. Once install and perfectly setup, it gives a safety net and a peace of mind. We designed amazing web filter & content filtering so your kids only browse safe content!

Cloud Based

Kids Safe Browser Parental Control app is a cloud based web content filtering browser to provide your kids a safer kids search engine & internet browsing. Its parental controls and kids safe search web site filter can be remotely configured for young kids; teens and adults to block porn, adult, cyber bullying and any other potential dangerous web sites

Create Whitelist/Blacklist

You are in total control! Our safe search kids and safe browser allows for creation of custom whitelist; blacklist for websites/domains along with shortcuts to whitelist sites on home page for ease of use. The safe browser app is also very useful for adults and teens with porn addiction issue.

Perfectly integrated in the Suite

Our child safe internet browser is versatile and easily integrated. So, our Safe Browser app is also a plugin to the Kids Place - Parental Control app and adds web content filtering feature to it. Superior kids safe search & content blocker tools blend to give you a great, universal parental control app!


Kids Safe Browser Parental Control tool is a cloud-based web content filtering browser to provide a safer search engine and internet browsing facility to your kids.

For parents of young kids, teens and even adult kids, it can configure safe search website filters remotely to block porn, adult, cyber bullying and any other potential dangerous websites.

Parents can stop worrying about what their kids are viewing while browsing the internet.
They can relax after installing kids safe search and kids’ browser as it will conveniently block harmful content from the reach of their kids. If it sounds convincing?

You can download this safe Browser and kids search with parental control for free also.

Cloud Based

  • Kids Safe Browser help you create your own white list and black list of websites.
  • It can help you remotely manage web filtering settings through cloud console.
  • You can monitor your child’s activity receiving real time notifications when s/he tries to access to unapproved urls and schedule weekly reports to monitor his or her activity.

Helpful KidsPlace Features

  • Blocks Porn, Adult, Social Media, Social Networking, Gaming, Pornography and over 50 other categories of websites
  • Create your own white list and black list of websites
  • Configure web browser UI to allow address bar, searching, access to favorites etc.
  • Access to settings protected by Kids Place PIN
  • Free 15 days trial account for personalized web content filtering on account creation
  • There is no requirement to provide payment information or to make a purchase to create an account
  • On license expiration, you can purchase the subscription
    via in-app purchase
  • Remotely manage web filtering settings from our cloud console
  • Voice Based Navigation
Enjoy your serenity. Download today Safe Browser
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