Safe Browser Parental Control

Internet made safe for kids

Kid Friendly

With this kid friendly safe web browser, children have the freedom to search the internet, and you have peace of mind knowing they can only access apps and content you have approved. This is a safe internet browser for kids!

Filter Content

Our child safe internet browser uses an advanced filter to regulate what your child can and can not see while using the Safe Browser app! Block porn or adult sites, avoid cyber bullying and potentially dangerous web sites. Protect your child by letting them use this kid friendly browser.

Safe Browser Tools

View tracking and reporting statistics. Narrow access to the websites, categories and keywords you chose, so you can create a child safe web browser or facilitate greater productivity in your employees.

Cloud Based

The Safe Browser app offers cloud based controls so that filter settings and tracking can be remotely accessed and controlled. Kids browser settings can be pushed to the device remotely. This also makes it ideal to control the web activity of employees working remotely.

Create a Whitelist and Blacklist

Over 60 preprogrammed blacklists to save you time when setting up this kids safe browser! Choose from categories such as violence, gambling, porn, games, hacking, kids time wasting and many more. Add or limit the kids web browser sites that your child will want to use, making the app the perfect kids internet browser.

Integrates with the Kids Place

Safe Browser can also be used as a plugin for the app Kids Place Parental Control, giving you superior, universal parental control! A kids internet browser is just what you need to round out your child's technical proficiency in this increasingly competitive world. Give them a competitive edge and keep their knowledge relevant while using a child safe browser.

The Best Safe Browser for your Kids

The Kiddoware Safe Browser Parental Control tool is a kids safe browser that you can control from any compute or smart device. This kid safe web browser provides a safe search engine and internet filters for your children.  

Using this safe internet browser for kids, parents set up white and black lists to protect their children from unwanted web content – but what is a white and black lists?  How do they help to create this child safe web browser?

Whitelists: Allow access to approved sites you list.  All other sites are blocked, including sites linked on the white listed web site, if you so choose.  For this reason, white lists are perhaps the most restrictive filters in our kids web browser.  

Blacklists: Block access to listed websites and allow access to all other websites. Blacklists allow for a more flexible kids internet browser.

Parents of young children, teens and even employers, can remotely configure internet filters to block (blacklist) categories such as porn, adult, cyber bullying and any other potentially dangerous and time wasting websites you don’t want to access on a child safe internet browser.

As long as children are using Safe Browser Parental Control, parents can stop worrying about what their kids are viewing while browsing the internet, knowing that Safe Browser Parental Control will conveniently block harmful content from the reach of their children.  With the number of options for allowing and blocking sites, this truly is both a flexible and a kid friendly browser!

You can download Safe Browser Parental Control for free on the Google Play Store, confidant that this kids browser works. Our children need a child safe browser, and Safe Browser Parental Control gives it to them.

Safe Browser for kids Parental Control App
Safe Browser Accessibility

Cloud Based Safe Browser

  • Create and manage your  whitelist and blacklist from your personal computer or any device with internet access.
  • Receive notifications when your child has attempted to access a blocked site and our kid safe web browser blocks it.  
  • View weekly reports that list web activity by blocked categories, the number of blocked sites visited, and allows users to search the blocked sites to see the day and time those sites were visited.  These are the tools of the ultimate child safe internet browser!

Helpful Kids Place Features

    • Over 60 preset blacklist categories to choose from, meaning it takes just minutes from download to having a ready to use safe internet browser for your children.
    • Flexibility in blocking or allowing sites, and also filtering by category.
    • Configure the user interface (UI) to allow an address bar, searching, and access to favorites, making the browser a truly easy to use, kid friendly browser.
    • PIN locked parental controls keep parents in charge of content filtering, so that the app remains a child safe browser.
    • Free 15 day trial with account creation, no payment information required.
    • Flexible payment options.  Subscribe for a very low monthly fee, or make a one time payment for lifetime use of Kiddoware’s child safe web browser.
    • Voice Based Navigation because if an adult browser has voice navigation, then a safe kids internet browser can have it as well.
    • Statistics and live notices about internet activity on the account allow parents to intervene if necessary, maintaining the security of the kids browser, and offering parent insight into what topics they may want to discuss with their children.
Safe Browser Android App Features

Pricing Plan For Every Need

Monthly Cost Less Than a Cup of Coffee
Safe Browser
Monthly subscription
Safe Browser
Yearly subscription
  • $19,99/Year
Safe Browser
Lifetime subscription
  • No Subscription Required
Enjoy your serenity. Download Safe Browser Parental Control today.
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