Top 5 Apps to Keep Family Safe on Android Devices

“We’re familiar with parental controls but this one is actually an app launcher. It includes child lock to restrict children to approved apps, as well as, protect personal data. The kids won’t be able to download new apps, text, or make phone calls with this launcher especially if in kids mode. What’s better about the app is that it doesn’t need any internet connectivity nor new account for it to work……”Read whole review…

Kids Place App Review

Kids Place – Parental Control is a very useful and even necessary application for everyone who has children. Most parents want to protect their kids from unwanted applications, sites and control the use of the device. So this project is very helpful in making sure that the child will not do harm when interacting with the capabilities of the device.” Read the whole review…


How to Make the Kindle Fire Kid Friendly

“Turning a Kindle Fire into a child-friendly device isn’t so hard, thanks to the Kids Place – With Child Lock, a free app from Phoenix, Ariz.-based kiddoware. It creates a walled garden where only parent-approved apps live. No more accidental video streaming, in-app purchasing or inadvertent banner-ad clicks…. “
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Kindle Fire for Kids: Best Children’s Books, Apps and Child-Friendly Settings

“This free program is the dream app for worried parents who may not trust their children with the Kindle Fire. The app allows parents to block certain programs and capabilities on the Kindle Fire so parents can control what their kids see and which apps they have access to. The app also allows parents to set a password PIN to protect parental data through a Child and Toddler lock…”
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Let The Games Begin! 5 Extremely Cute & Educational Games For Toddlers [Android]

“Baby Rattle accomplishes two important tasks in one sweet game. It both keeps your toddler entertained, and prevents it from accessing anything else on the device while playing. If you’ve ever let a child play with your phone, you know the latter is a serious problem, both for the child and the device’s owner. When you first install and launch Baby Rattle, the app will instruct you about enabling the child lock feature. You only have to do this once. Next time you load the app, it will already be locked. You can also decide to forego the child lock option….”
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Kids Place mentioned by Kim Komando as one of the hottest app for Kindle Fire

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Kids Place – Parental Control app review from

“With this program for Android, you can prevent children from using certain applications installed on the phone, restrict access to the Internet or even forbid the installation of games from the Play Market. But at the same time, you can easily configure this application to run certain games your child plays. The device lock will protect your personal information when using your phone or tablet with children by giving them access to applications defined by you…..”Read whole review…