Kids Place

Simple. Easy. Safe.

Kids Friendly Launcher

Only parents approved apps are visible and accessible.

Screen Time Control

Control how long and when kids can use device or a specific app.

Block Download or In-app Purchase

Blocks download/install or apps and in-app purhcase.


Change background colors and look and feel to your kids liking.

Easy to Customize

Easily customize to configure parental controls from toddlers to teens.

Offline Support

No internet connection required for parental controls to work.

Child Lock to childproof your Device

Android Parental Controls with child lock that can childproof your device.

An app launcher with parental controls & child lock that protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved.

Kids Place also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money.

Includes convenience features for parents such as auto app restart, useful for small kids who accidentally exit launched apps.

With Kids Place app, kids gets fun time and parents can get some much needed peace and free time.

In this Parental Control app, Home, Back, Search and Call buttons are locked so that kid cannot get out of the Kids Place or make phone calls.


  • Custom home screen displays only apps that parents have authorized
  • Can prevent children from buying or downloading new apps
  • Timer feature to lock Kids Place after specified amount of time
  • Support Multiple User Profiles
  • Capable of disabling all wireless signals while Kids Place is running
  • Can restarts apps accidentally stopped by small children, allowing parents to stay focused on their own tasks
  • Add custom wallpaper to customize your child’s experience while in Kids Place
  • Appropriate for children of all ages – babies, toddlers, even teenagers
  • Plugins – Kids Place provides additional parental controls for Website content filtering
  • Videos and Pictures via plugin based design
    (Please go to setting > plugins to access these features)

Premium Features *

  • Run in background modeKids Place will not be used as a launcher or home screen
  • Suitable for older kids or on employees device to be used with stock launcher
  • Added option to always start on reboot
  • Ability to block app uninstall
  • Customize App Title

*(requires In-App Payment)

Enjoy your serenity. Download today Kids Place
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