• Kids Place

    Simple. Easy. Safe

  • Safe Browser

    Internet made safe for kids

  • Remote Control

    Look after your child anytime, anywhere

  • Video Player

    Video Browsing made for kids

Childproof your devices

Create protected areas in your appliances and choose which content is suitable for their age, allowing your child to use technology in all safety.

Be informed and track activity

You can receive real time notifications when your child surfs the Internet and access to dangerous websites. You can also easily monitor the device location and movement history.

Avoid undesired purchases or downloads

You can lock your child's activity in a safe area. They could not accidentally buy subscriptions or download new apps without your consent.

Parental Control for Android

Making parents' life easier.

Complete App Suite

We take care of your children's safety at each stage of their growth.

Connected in safety

We help parents teaching children how to properly use technology.

Relieable and Secure

In 7 years activity we have improved our apps helping more than 4 million families.

Easy Technology

We give parents convenient tools to monitor activities and help using devices with agreed limitations.

Children Empowerment

We support children's autonomous activities on devices leaving them all the fun in protected areas.

Descreet Control

We believe that effective Parental Control needs to be discreet and remote, though always reliable.

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"It's simple, it keeps my kid from messing with my settings, clicking ads and downloading extra content. As long as they are in the app! they have nothing like this for Ipad."
Mark M.
19th December 2018
"This is by far the best free app I've found to let me feel totally comfortable when i hand my phone to my kids. they cant get out of it to anything else on the phone, they only see the icons for the apps you install and approve for them to see. it also blocks ads and keeps them from being able to buy anything. even if they push the home button they can't get out. all i do is put in a pin # to get back to my phone."
Heidi M.
19th December 2018
"Easy to use. Able to keep track of my preteens usage in internet."
Fred C.
19th December 2018
Kids Launcher and Parental Controls Suite provider for Android Devices

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