Video Player

Video Browsing Made for Kids

Personalized Playlists

Kids Place Video Player allows parents to create playlists using videos both on the device and on Youtube. Employers can link to training videos for employees.


Creating playlists is easy as Kids Place Video Player prompts users to create playlists the first timey9id-rmhtrd9 it's open. Options are straight forward and easy to use. It automatically uses your Kids Place PIN, no need to create another.

Filter Youtube

Parents can enable Youtube video searching and Kids Place Video Player will filter the Youtube video list to block adult content. Don’t let the algorithm move your child from safe kids videos to unsafe and unsuitable content that may harm them and put you into frustrating or embarrassing situations.

PIN Locked

Parents can select the videos and safety features appropriate for their children, and then lock the app settings with their Kids Place PIN.


Kids Place Video Player is a Kids Place Parental Control plugin that allows you to create playlists from videos on your device and on Youtube.  It automatically uses the PIN you’ve set for your Kids Place app.  Kids Place Video Player can also be as a stand alone app with a separate PIN.

Enjoy Video in Safety

Protect your child by locking all search features.  Create playlists you know your child will enjoy in safety.  When your child wants something new, adding videos to the Kids Place Video Player is fast and easy.

Premium Features

  • One time subscription fee for unlimited videos.
  • Run the app in background mode.
  • Stock launcher for older kids or on an employee’s device.
  • Always start on reboot.
  • Block uninstall so the app remains on the device unless authorized.
  • Customize the app title so it is less conspicuous.

Want to play unlimited videos?

Free trial is limited to 10 videos. Premium allows unlimited videos.
Video Player Premium
Lifetime subscription
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