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Kids Friendly Video

Kids Safe Video player is a kids play tube with child lock for watching videos on YouTube or Device. We like to call it the kids videos for kids app & youtube app for kids since it is the safest plays for kids to enjoy their favorite and new videos. It’s like having kid friendly youtube kids videos player all in one!

Convenient and easy to use

Parents can select a list of videos, stored on their device, YouTube or Internet that kids can watch. Kids will only be able to see the list of videos approved by parents. The YouTube kids app & children video player where you are in total control for the best of your kids.

Completely Safe

In this safe kids videos environment, the kids tube app also allows to search videos from YouTube using safety mode so inappropriate videos are not returned in search results. Don’t let the algorithm take your kid from safe kids videos to unsafe and unsuitable content that may harm them and put you into frustrating situations.

Scan and Lock

Our advanced features run in-depth scanning so you can select the best and safest videos to play to your child. Once you find the content, you can lock your smartphone to avoid any unwanted additional taps or problems that your baby, toddler or kid may cause.


Import your YouTube Playlist and Add video URL from internet to create easy to access and safe playlist for your child.

Enjoy video in safety

Just add the app to Kids Place and launch it from there to make sure all the parental control and child lock settings are enforced when Kids Video Player is being used.

Premium Features (requires In-App)

  • You learn about running app in background mode.
  • Kids Place will not be used as a launcher or home screen but is suitable for older kids or on employees’ device to be used with stock launcher.
  • Information available here about added option to always start on reboot.
  • You are guided to how to block or uninstall app.
  • You also come to know how to customize App Title

Want to play unlimited videos?

This will allow you to play unlimited videos on Kids Place Video Player app, the free version, that only allows 10 videos.
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