Why Do You Need a Safe Browser Parental Control

Safe Browser Parental Control App

As a parent, we try keeping our kids away from all dangers of the world. To encourage responsible and safe behaviour in a child, it is necessary that we promote digital resilience among them. We need to help them recognize bad habits and good habits. In modern times, it has become necessary for a child to have some freedom in accessing the internet, but the age-inappropriate data and ill-motivated parts of the web discourage us as a parent to give our children that liberty. Having an effective Safe Browser Parental Control gives us the power to protect our kids from the murkier parts of the web and give them the much-wanted constructive online experience.

If you are still thinking about why do you need to invest in a good browser parental control, here are some basic reasons why you should consider controlling and monitoring your child’s online activities:

·    You cannot continually be present physically and monitor your child’s activities. It is never feasible for any parent to be present everywhere at once, we have our own works and especially in the case of more than one child, we need tools to monitor the online activities of our kids.

·    Your child’s internet usage is not being restricted to a single place or device. Unlike Desktops that cannot be moved around, tablets, smartphones, laptops are carried around by kids in and outside our home. As a parent, it becomes difficult for us to keep track of all these devices and monitor every activity on them.

·    Kids these days easily and smoothly find ways to bypass and disable settings used to control access to a browser. Browser Parental Control software’s can eliminate such issues by restricting access to the settings of the browser.

·    Viruses and malware are one of the primary concerns when accessing the websites. We cannot always monitor every click made by a child. Browsers with Parental Control features can easily block websites that host virus, phishing and spyware.

There are a number of parental control software and applications available in the market that claim to grant a parent the power to set controls on the child’s internet usage and prevent them from accessing unsuitable content online but only a few of them deliver to their promise.

One of the most effective online monitoring tools for any parent is the Kids Safe Browser Parental Control app. It is a cloud-based web content filtering browser that provides a safe kid search engine and internet browsing. The versatile and easily integrated internet browser can flawlessly block porn, adult sites and keep your child safe from cyberbullying and any other potentially dangerous web sites. When used as a plugin to the Kids Place – Parental Control app, it creates a great universal parental control application.

Custom whitelist and blacklist

You can create a custom whitelist and blacklist for websites/domains through the software. Shortcuts for whitelisted sites can also be created on the home page for ease of access. The major benefit of installing Safe Browser Parental Controls includes the ability to block sites offering pornography, adult content, gambling, dating, media streaming, gun violence, and more. Access to the settings of the browser is protected by Kids Place PIN. As children and teens are getting more and more hooked to the online world, these parental controls allow parents to manage and monitor what their ward is doing online. By installing a safe browser, you can stop worrying and relax about your child’s online safety.

Install Kids Safe Browser on your child’s smartphone now.

Free Safe Browser Link

Free Safe Browser App Link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiddoware.kidsplace

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