Use parental control to protect your children from cybercriminals

Technology invasion in every household has made children most vulnerable. Since they lap up any gadget in a family and start exploring it, they are the prime target of hackers who can wreak havoc using the stolen data. In 2017, the identity information of more than one million children in the US was stolen, which in monetary terms was stated to be worth nearly 2.6 billion dollars. Although this scenario is related to identity theft, breaches of data like stolen passwords, hacked social accounts, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking are other reasons parents should be watchful of their kids as they use smartphones or gadgets to connect them to the internet.

As children are increasingly susceptible to tech dependence, there are tools to make the parents understand their child’s tech usage and schedule access to gadgets. For this parents should know about Parental Control apps.

The Parental control methods have been developed as software and applications for parents who can restrict certain types of content or lock the device for a set period of time or put a check on the device from sharing certain types of information. Parents can also control which apps should be downloaded on the device.

You can find these tools in the Settings section of your device, but in many devices, these are a bit complicated. Therefore, third-party apps fill the void and provide you with a better solution.

Prior to taking the help of these apps, you must educate your kids about what you’re doing and why, as they should not consider these tools as punishment but protection. This aspect is very important, otherwise, kids would certainly make an attempt to disable them. Prior to downloading any app, you must go through the reviews and study the features to understand exactly what you’re buying.

Parental Control App by Kiddoware

If you are searching for an “all-in-one” parental control app, don’t delay just visit Google Play Store and check out “Safe Browser” or “Kids Place” which may prove to be very handy tools for you. These apps will help you to take back control of tech, but a larger role you have to play by offering clear and consistent rules for your kids to abide by.

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