The Best Parental Controlling apps to Remotely Control Mobile Devices and Monitor Videos

Kids are engaging with mobile devices more than ever before. The combination of mobile phones and kids is a scary mix, especially for parents. If you would want to allow your kids to have some privacy and independence online, but worry about things like cyberbullying too much screen time, want to track their digital and physical movement or want to keep them at bay from unwanted content? These apps will surely help you with this. 


Kiddoware – One of the best parental control apps provider is making waves in the market for their top-rated parental control apps. Currently, they have a suite of the following products:


  1. Kids Place
  2. Safe Browser
  3. Remote Control 
  4. Video Player


The first 2 apps have been discussed in our previous article, if you missed reading it, here’s a quick link for you (but remember to come back to reading this 🙂 ) – Kiddoware’s Kids Place and Safe Browser Apps are considered to be the Best Parental Controlling apps


To continue, we are talking about the next 2 apps – Remote Control and Video Player. 


  • Remote Control 

Remote Control runs as a plugin for Kids Place Parental Control. Remote Control is a Cloud-based parental lock app and child monitoring app combined into one. You can remotely add or remove apps and update settings using the Kids Place online parental controls. This app allows you to manage three devices from one central account. 


Here are some of the most loved features:

  • Ability to sync data between the controlled device and the administrative account so you can access current data and enable the parental lock, live.
  • Geo-Location Tracking on the device so you know your child is safe. Set up a virtual fence and receive notifications when the device leaves the designated area all from the convenience of the online parental controls.
  • Intuitive dashboard, switching between devices and accessing data is easier
  • Reports on app usage and location through the child monitoring app or the cloud console
  • Remotely lock or wipe a device
  • Push notifications to the controlled device.
  • Remotely select which apps on your child’s device are blocked or approved


Remotely controlling your child’s device is not to be an intrude, but to protect them from various online threats. 


This app can also be used by organizations that would want to monitor employee interaction with the system. 


  • Video Player

Kids Place Video Player is both a stand-alone app and a Kids Place Parental Control plugin. It is YouTube parental control android app that syncs to your YouTube account so you can update your child’s playlists from any device where you can access your YouTube account. Create a truly kid-safe YouTube environment by locking all search features in the Kids Place Video Player settings and create playlists you know your child will enjoy. Isn’t this the best feature? 


Now you do not need to worry about the illegal or unwanted content that you do not want your child to expose to. 


However, Video Player is so much more than YouTube parental controls app. 


It also allows you to create playlists from videos on your device’s internal and external SD cards, allowing the player to function with or without the internet. 


Here are some of the most loved features:

  • Personalized Playlists
  • Intuitive
  • Filter YouTube
  • PIN Locked
  • Creating Video Playlist for internal device storage videos.


Download Video Player App

These apps have been trusted by 5 million parents worldwide! Doubt it? Head over to our play store and read the reviews –





These are undoubtedly the best parental control apps in 2021. Parental control apps provide peace of mind to parents by protecting children from cyber criminals, and also control their screen time. Have you used any of the Kiddoware apps yet?

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