Why are Kiddoware’s Kids Place and Safe Browser Apps considered to be the Best Parental Controlling apps?

Are you looking for the best parental control apps that can protect your child online? An app that will allow you to control your child’s online interactions? An app to let your child safely browse the internet?

Then you have arrived at the right place!

We understand that knowing what children are doing online can be a real challenge. With different apps and games available online, sometimes it would make it difficult to distinguish between apps that are actually providing value-ed information and those that are causing harm. 

Keeping these and several other child safety concerns in mind we have developed parental control apps that enable you to not only control access to your child’s phone but also make sure they aren’t spending too much time online and browsing safely.

There are many good parental control apps available online, however, we are extremely happy and proud to know that Kiddoware apps have been named among the top 9 parental control apps.

They are known to be the best parenting control apps as of today.


Let’s take you through. 

Kiddoware has developed 4 parental control apps – Let’s talk about 2 of the most talked-about: 

Kids Place android parent control app childproofs your device. It helps you protect your personal data and prevents children from downloading new apps, texting or performing actions that can cost you (literally, cost you your money). 

Here are some of the most loved features:

  • Custom home screen which displays only apps that parents have selected
  • Block play store to prevent downloading new apps and making purchases
  • Timer lock – This has the ability to stop apps after a specified amount of time
  • If an app accidentally closes, it auto restarts. This is especially good for parents who have kids below the age of 4 who are unable to restart apps on their own. This allows parents to stay focused on their own tasks
  • Customize wallpaper to suit your child’s liking
  • Adaptable, which means not only parents with small children can use, but can also be used by parents of teens and employers too can use it to minimize wastage of time and resources during office hours.


It leaves up to its name of being the best android parental control app, it blocks phone calls while your child has the device! Isn’t that an amazing feature? With all of these features and constantly adding and improving the app, Kids Place continues to be the best parental control app.


Safe Browser Parental Control is designed in such a way that it provides children with a safe browsing experience on android devices and keeps parents worry-free when they hand their device to their children.

The best part about this app is, it allows you to control it from any computer or smart device. The app is most loved as it allows parents to white list and blacklist websites to protect children from accessing unwanted content online. 

This app can also be used by parents of young children, teens and even employers. They can remotely configure internet filters to block (blacklist) categories such as porn, adult, cyberbullying and any other potentially dangerous and time-wasting websites (example: social media sites) that you do not want your teenagers or employees to access. 

Using this app, you can rest assured that  Safe Browser Parental Control will conveniently block harmful content from reaching their children.  

You can download Safe Browser Parental Control on the Google Play Store. 

Some of the features of the app:

 Create and manage whitelist and blacklist websites from your personal computer or any device that has internet access

  • In case your child has attempted to access a blocked site, it will send you a notification
  • Weekly reports that list web activity 
  • Blocks adult sites and unwanted adult content
  • Blocks unsafe websites, websites hosting virus, phishing and spyware
  • Set your own web filtering rules

If you are already using the app, we are sure you have stopped worrying about your child’s online browsing safety! If not yet installed, try it today. 

There are plenty of options available for you to keep an eye on how your children are using smartphones, tablets and laptops. And many have chosen to use Kiddoware’s Safe Browser and Kids place to protect their children online. 

Besides these apps, we also provide an app for parental controls on video viewing and an app for remote control access. Would you like to know more about these 2 apps? 

We will be discussing this in our upcoming articles, until then, do check out our most talked-about apps and let us know what you think! Our team has been constantly working on adapting your feedback to these apps. If you think that a certain feature is missing and would be helpful, write to us and we’d be happy to incorporate it after discussions

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