App To Handle Your Child’s Activities

App To Handle Your Childs Activities

YouTube is one of the popular portals for viewing video content online. It has a range of contents for viewing by children and adults. It contains videos ranging from cartoons to TV episodes to science videos to early learning shows. Thus it is very popular among youngsters who want to keep themselves up with the latest trends, music and vloggers. Nowadays, children from quite an early age begin using online apps for making, learning and exploring but you as parents need to understand which games and platforms are good and beneficial for your children. It is not possible for you to keep a check on your children all the time they are using the device or accessing online apps. But today, technology has made available some advanced parental controls apps with which you can monitor your children’s online activities remotely and with ease.   

YouTube has tons and tons of great videos but not all the videos are appropriate for your children. There are videos, which you wouldn’t want your children to watch. How you can be sure that your child is not watching any appropriate video? You can be sure with the Kids Place parental control app that facilitates filtering the content of the browser according to their age. Another important parental control app is the Kids Safe Browser app. Both these help parents to keep a check on their children’s YouTube activities and thus make them tension free that their children are not watching any inappropriate video content.

How these parental controls help are beneficial

These apps are perfect if you are a parent and you practice a high degree of control over the type of content that your children watch online.

Parents can easily download these apps from Google Play Store. Once downloaded, the apps work as a completely separate user interface on smart devices like phone, tablet windows operating system. The apps facilitate parents to block adult content, customize the content and set limits. You can keep an eye on your children’s online activities and keep them guarded against harmful video content. With Kids Safe Browser, you can filter all the bad content so that your kids can consume only the good content found on YouTube. After downloading the app, you need to register as an adult and then create a child account and thus set the content and make your phone or tablet a child-friendly device.  

Parental controls set up on YouTube app

To set up parental controls on YouTube app, you need to download from Google Play Store/App Store and install Kids Place app or Kids Safe Browser app on your smartphone or tablet. Then you can start handling your children’s activities on YouTube, right away.  The app will help you to check the browsing history and view video titles to know what these videos are about. Parental control apps allow you to control all applications, both built-in and installed. Thus, you can easily block inappropriate YouTube content and the safe browser can save your children from indulging in harmful activities. With these apps, you can also set time limits on the YouTube app running if your kids use it at an inappropriate time. This way, you can set a limit for how long YouTube app would be available to your child, after which it will automatically close.

Install Kids Safe Browser on your child’s smartphone now.

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