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In today’s world of developed technology, we are presented with a number of highly supportive gadgets and gizmos. This has made it nearly impossible for parents to restrict their children from viewing and browsing content over the internet that is not suitable for their age. (We know you are now thinking of using a safe browser). The Internet is full of violent videos, porn, dating websites, malware and fake gambling offers with easy access. All these being just a click away from polluting a kid’s mind, one really has to think about what can be done to stop this. But today, parents can relax as they can use parental controls on their devices to monitor their kids’ use of smartphones and laptops or the stuff they browse.  

With several parental control apps available, parents are no more worried about their child using gizmos or surfing through the internet, thanks to the parental control apps like Kids Place and Kids Safe Browser for child safety. These parental apps help parents to block specific websites that they don’t want their child to view, block a complete browser or screening the complete history of what had been browsed on the internet during the entire day.

Parental control apps on Mac – Use a Safe Browser

One of the most important ways to create a safe atmosphere for children on Mac is by enabling the parental control features on Mac.  Mac users can easily download the Kids Place parental control app from the Google Play Store and start protecting their children as they browse the internet, use apps, and play games. With this app, parents can also set time limits for their children’s computer activities, preventing them from overusing their allotted screen time.

Another parental control app that parents can use to keep a check on their children’s computer and browsing activity is Kids Safe Browser. These two parental control apps will help you to enable or disable whichever functionality you want for your children. With these apps, parents can monitor internet access by setting a role for each user of the computer. You can customise different internet access permissions, privileges on important files and even the installation of new software, such as video games.

These apps will also enable parents to restrict their children’s access to different websites by adding or removing items from a list of web categories. Parents can apply filters that modify access to online gaming sites and restrict access to improper content by blocking certain websites. Parental control apps will also help parents to keep a check on the activity log for their children.

How to set up parental controls on Mac

To set up Kids Place parental controls for your children on Mac, follow the below-given steps:

On your Mac, download the app from Google Play Store. Then create a user account for your child on your Mac to supervise with parental controls. Then turn on parental controls for your child with the user account on your Mac.

Then change the restrictions you want for each child. You can decide which websites your child can visit, and how long they can use the Mac each day by setting a time limit. You can also copy the settings for one child and then use them for another child.

Install Kids Safe Browser on your child’s smartphone now.

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