Kids Place – Screen Time Control by App Categories

If you want to limit access or provide screen time controls to games on your device but allow phone/SMS apps without any time that please use kids place categories to achieve this. The following steps explains how to configure for the above requirements:
1. Go to kids place settings > manage apps > and make sure PHONE/SMS or any apps for which you do not want to put any time limits are assigned to a Home category. You can optionally create a new category for the unlimited used apps.
2. Tap on add category icon and create a category called Games.
3. Select the Games category tab and then tap on games/apps you want to assign to that category.
4. Select Home Category (or if you created a new category for no time limit apps, select that category) and tap on the timer icon next to it.
5. Make sure you set the daily time limit for the above category as 23:59 and no time slots are blocked for any days of the week.
6. Next tap on three horizontal lines on the top left corner and select apps > device. Here also make sure you don’t have any time limit set. This will make sure your device is not locked because of screen time restriction.
7. Next select the categories tab and set daily time limits for the Games category.
8. You can select the apps tab and provide further restrictions to other apps like Whatsapp/Facebook.

Please note that the screen time restrictions are least restrictive at the device level than the category and most restrictive at the app level.
Please see our timer user guide at this link – 

  • Below is a video on how to do this:

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