Kids Place Parental Control Timer User Guide

To start/configure timer, please go to Kids Place Settings and tap on Timer option.


Please expand a section to see how to use a specific feature

A simple timer that allows you to quickly set up a time limit to use the device.

Select lock option from the drop down.


Tap on Apply Button to start timer.


On top of Kids Place home screen it will show when the device will get locked.



Advance Timer is a permanent schedule based timer to control screen time. User can set daily limits for Kids Place and any other approved apps in Kids Place. They can also specify during what time slots in a day the apps will not be allowed to use. For example parents can set that Kids Place app can be only used for 4 hours a day and only during 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM time range on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM during weekends. 

Allows you control for how long and during what time of the day the device or category of apps or a specific app can be used.

Please tap on “Start Timer” button, in timer screen, to start the advance timer.
You will see a message called “Advance Timer is Enabled” on Kids Place main screen if Advance timer is active.

If you don’t see it, please tap the “Start Timer” button.


This will display a weekly calendar scheduler for Kids Place.


To configure how long your kids can use the tablet tap on Daily Time Limit. Kids Place will display lock screen once the app usage time exceeds the specified time. To change hours, tap on displayed hours number on left side,  than move the dial in the clock to desired hours mark. To change minutes, tap on displayed minutes number on left side in yellow and adjust the dial on the clock on the right side to desired minutes mark.


To specify what time during a specific day of the week, Kids Place app cannot be used tap on time slots. Green color indicates that app will be allowed during that time slot. Red color indicates app will be blocked during that time slot. You can tap on individual slot or swipe your fingers for mass selection of slots to switch from block to allow or vice versa.


The lock screen will disappear once the locking condition is no longer valid. In the lock screen, parents can enter PIN and select no timer lock or set a temporary lock or exit Kids Place.


Each Timer profile can be associated with one or more users. By default when a new user is added, they are added to the Default profile. The names of users associated with a profile are shown below the profile name. To create a new timer profile, tap on Add Profile icon on top right corner of action bar and enter profile name.




Tap on the profile and check the user name to add/remove from the profile. If a user is removed from a profile, he or she will be automatically assigned to Default profile. A user has to be associated with a profile.


To see how much time a user has spent on an app and to reset the usage tap on list icon. Here user can reset the time used for one app or all the apps. This can come in handy if for some reason parents wants to give extra time to kids on a specific day and do not want to change the scheduler profile


Tap on Clear Time Usage button to clear time usage for a specific app. To clear all usage data, tap on Reset App button at the bottom of the screen.


The advance  timer logic is designed as following:

  1. The highest (most general) level of restrictions are set at Kids Place. This is because when Kids Place is locked, no other apps/categories can be accepted. You want least restrictions for Kids Place app. This is shown by default when timer is opened.
  1. Next level is restrictions at category level. The restrictions here should be higher than Kids Place to restrict one or more category. The restrictions are applied to all the apps in the given category. This will come in handy to have different restrictions for apps in “Games Category” than the apps in “Learning Category”.
  1. Last level is restrictions at app level. This is where you can make exceptions for any app in Kids Place in general or a specific app in a category. So, for example there is app in games category that you only want to be used for 10 minutes than you can do so by doing it at app level.
  2. Please see below on how to put additional restrictions by Kids Place Parental Control Categories and Apps.

To add time limits and block time slots by Kids Place Categories,  please tap on drawer icon on top left icon. This will display list of categories.

Tap on the category for which you would like to time limits. By default all the categories will inherit the time limit settings from Kids Place. User can further limit the access of this category by specifying a time limit and blocking time slots. Please note that these cannot be less restrictive than settings defined for Kids Place. Also, time spent in  any apps for this category category will be counted for all the apps in that category. Once a category is blocked for time limit or time slot than no apps in that category will be allowed to use.


To add time limits and block time slots for other apps, besides Kids Place, please tap on drawer icon on top left icon and than tap on Apps tab. This will display list of apps

Tap on the app for which you would like to time limits. By default all the apps will inherit the time limit settings from Kids Place. User can further limit the access of this app by specifying a time limit and blocking time slots. Please note that these cannot be less restrictive than settings defined for Kids Place.


When an app reaches time limit or not allowed to run during a time slot and user tries to use it,
they will be redirected to Kids Place home page and message will be displayed at the bottom.