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Who hasn’t heard of YouTube? Every week, millions of videos of different genre are uploaded on YouTube by the users. Some of the videos are informative and interesting, while some of them are alarming. Because of those videos, YouTube faces criticism from time to time. this time it is all about the huge number of predatory comments and videos that target young children. Do you think parental control apps are useful?

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A Reddit post exposes a “wormhole into a soft-core paedophilia ring on YouTube” and the criticism begins. It has been observed that a simple video that reveals that different kinds of bikinis can lead to disturbing or exploitative videos. Though such videos are not pornographic in nature, the comment sections have numerous small clips or comments that are sexually explicit in nature and can affect the little minds.

YouTube has taken several steps

YouTube always wants to take care of the young minds and thus it has taken many steps beforehand, however, it has failed to stop such comments. In the year 2013, Google twisted the YouTube search engine algorithm to stop the abusive content from appearing in searches on Google as well as YouTube. However,  it did not work at all. In the year 2017, YouTube again updated its policies by closing some of the comment sections on the videos. But they couldn’t find any effective method to deal with the situation. The predators had their own ways to tweak with the platform and entered the premises indifferently. Experts opine that the heart of the problem lies in YouTube’s algorithm. It has always faced criticism in the past and it is still facing criticism for allowing easy access to inappropriate content to the children. 

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It is easy to come across such comments

To ensure that is it so easy to redirect from one video to another, a wide range of situations has been created multiple times and it has been discovered that it just takes few clicks to find such videos. Yes, YouTube has taken many steps to remove the predatory comments, however, every time it has failed to do so. They have enforced many policies several times to address this problem. YouTube has asked the users to remove such comments and themselves have terminated such accounts various times as they understand that these comments can distract the students. As every minute, 450 hours of content is uploaded and billions of users create a new account every month on this popular online video streaming channel, such videos get neglected by and large, which is an alarming sign for parents with small children.

How to avoid such videos

YouTube is trying to stop such comments however, it is only you, the concerned parent, who can protect your child from such inappropriate content. You need to take a few steps to keep your child safe from such content. Parental Control Apps are the best way to start with. Download Kids Place from Google Play Store or App Store and protect your children from the content that you do not want them to view. This app will help you monitor what your kids can watch and what they can’t. It has some really useful features that can help you be at peace of mind wherever you are as you could be contented that your child is not accessing any inappropriate content on their smartphones. So, download Kids Place and protect your kids online from the harsh comments on YouTube.

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