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When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is to check our smartphone. Then we go to the washrooms with our smartphone and scroll through our favorite social media apps. We eat breakfast while watching TV and throughout the day, we sit over the laptop checking mails and browsing Google. Once we are back home, we again watch some series or movies or cooking shows over the gadget until we fall asleep. Yes, we all do the same and it is really alarming.

Does this affect the children?

Lately, have you noticed your child becoming more impulsive? Do they face challenges while concentrating? Becoming attentive becoming an issue for them? Then your child is going through a syndrome – screen-time syndrome.

We have a developed mind. We might not face the same challenges as our children might face. Using gadgets throughout the day can make them impulsive. They cannot concentrate easily as their brain gets damaged. Doesn’t matter your children are addicted to gadgets or not but as they are surrounded by the screens, they are likely to use it more.

How to protect children from long screen time?

1)  Don’t restrict them:

If you will ask them not to use a smartphone, they will try different tricks to use them without even letting you know. It is always better to talk to them about the problems with increasing screen time.

2)  Do it yourself:

Not only ask your children to use screens less, but you too have to do the same. If you will continuously look at the screen, then you won’t have any say while stopping them.

3)  Engage them in different hobbies:

Everyone has a hobby or they can develop one if they don’t have any. You can ask them what they prefer more and send them to classes to help them do what they like. If your daughter is interested in learning ballet dancing, then find her a class nearby or if your son likes to play soccer, then help him join a team.

4)  Restrict the screen time while eating:

Make it a habit that nobody carries a phone on the dining table. Doesn’t matter how urgent it is, while having food, one cannot use it. Of course, you have to follow the same rule as well.

5)  Engage them with real friends:

Tell some stories about your childhood, how you used to play with your friends. Give them some ideas which interest them or teach them some games which they can play with their friends. This way, the children will be safe.

6)  Parental control apps:

To have complete peace of mind, what can be better than parental control apps from Kiddoware? Kids Place is one of the most amazing apps which helps you to monitor the screen time for safe browsing by your kids. You can download the app through Google Play Store and use its interesting features to protect your children. It will not only help you monitor how much time they are spending over the internet, but it will also help you to monitor what they can watch over the internet.

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