Key Benefits of Using Safe Browser Parental Control

Safe Browser Parental control apps allow the parents to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate or unsuitable content on the internet. Things that are harmful are much easily accessible and more appealing to a child of tender age. This questionable content is so deeply and widely available on the internet that parents find it extremely difficult to shield their kids from them. Encouraging responsible behaviour in the kids, a parent needs to make sure that the child understands the dangers present online and creating restrictions are a part of responsible parenting. The parental controls and kids’ safety features provided by a browser makes it easier for a parent to make their child’s online activities safer. Installing a parental control app helps parents to increase their familiarity with the devices, apps, social sites, etc. that are accessed by their ward every now and then.

 Kids Safe Browser Parental Control app

Kids Safe Browser Parental Control App

Kids Safe Browser Parental Control app is one of the most effective cloud-based web content filtering browsers available to students. It can be remotely configured to block websites that you consider inappropriate for your kids. Once installed and perfectly set up, the browser keeps your kids safe and protected from anything and everything that you deem to be inappropriate for their use. When used as a plugin to the Kids Place – Parental Control app, it creates an impeccable wall for filtering the web content that you consider inappropriate for your kids. Access to the settings of the browser is protected by the Kids Place PIN and the child is unable to make any changes in the approved list of sites so that you could rest assured that your child is not accessing any inappropriate content in your absence.

The ability to create custom Whitelists and Blacklists empowers a parent to block websites/domains in numerous categories like:

  • Pornography, Adult content
  • Social Networking
  • Online Gaming
  • Social Media
  • Weapon and Gun Violence
  • Dating and Media Streaming
  • Gambling
  • Phishing, virus and spyware hosting websites, etc.

These and other time-wasting websites can be put on the blacklist to block them and shortcuts to the approved whitelisted websites can be created on the home page of the browser. The application has been designed to facilitate parents and allows them to set their own filtering rules and block sites according to their judgement.

The blockage of domains brings parents great relief and peace of mind. The knowledge that the kid is accessing only the websites that are approved by a parent creates trust and respect among them. Using this app reduces a parent’s stress about their child’s safety and well-being.

15-Days Free Trial Account

Kids Safe Browser Parental Control offers a 15-days free trial account for personalized web content filtering on account creation. Users are not required to provide any payment information to create an account. The application optionally provides the Device Administrator permission for parents that want to tamper proof the app for kids. While nothing can take the place of a watchful parent’s eye, Kids Safe Browser Parental Control is one of the effective tools to assist them in making the devices such as, smartphones safer for the children. Make sure that you activate the safety features on every device and platform that your child uses. Create confidence in the relationship and let them talk freely about the sites and apps that they want to access. Install Kids Safe Browser on your child’s smart phone now.

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