Is unfiltered phone bad for kids?

You must be thinking about how an unfiltered phone can harm your kid. Matt Fradd, one of the most popular podcasters, an anti-porn activist and an acclaimed author has said that if you are giving your child an iPhone or an iPad without switching on the parental controls and content filtering turned on, then you are a bad parent.

Why did he say so?

 In ‘The Van Maren Show, Matt has said that if a parent has given their 6 or 7-year-old child an iPhone or iPad, without locking it down, then they are not doing a good enough job. Though whatever Fradd has said might lack finesse, but he might have said this by talking to students for years. A large number of students regularly look at pornographic content and most of the parents are quite clueless about it. By providing their kids the smart phones without any parental controls, they give them portable x-rated movie theatres and are even not aware of the fact that their kids are looking at porn and other harmful material away from their watchful eyes.

Saving children from awful content

Parents want to keep their child abreast with technology, but this is not enough reason to provide them with such gadgets. It is the duty of the parents to protect their children from accessing online pornography and other age inappropriate content. As most of the parents do not know that their children are exposed to awful things. No one likes being told what he or she is doing is wrong but one needs to understand that by allowing the children unhindered access to online content, one is literally doing harm  to the children.

Fradd suggests that we should not get hooked to technology. We should teach children how to love books and read poetry. We have to be radically different if we want to create a good future for our kids. We should encourage our child to develop healthier family habits and not getting hooked to technology or more dangerous-online pornography.

What you can do?

To keep things in your hands, you should definitely go with parental control apps. Yes, parental control apps can help you out and make things better for you and your kids. Kiddoware has come up with 3 interesting apps – Kids Place, Kids Place Video Player, and Safe Browser. These apps will help you monitor what your kids can watch and what they can’t. You can protect them from dangerous websites and let them watch videos of your own preference.

The interesting features

  • Childproof your devices – You can protect your devices and keep your children safe with parental control apps.
  • Be informed and track activity – You can always get live notifications when your child accesses unsafe website. You can even monitor the location and history of the device that your child uses.
  • Block purchases and downloads – You can easily stop unwanted purchases and downloads by blocking different types of apps. The children can watch only the apps approved by you.

This way, you can ensure that your child is safe from the hazardous activities over the internet. You don’t have to peek-a-boo into your child’s room again and again. You can go to the office, restaurant or your friend’s place without losing peace of mind by installing the Kida Place, Safe Browser or Kids Place Video Player in your kids’ smart phone as you would be assured that your kid would be accessing only age-appropriate content in your absence which is not harmful to them.

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