How to Set Parental Controls on ASUS ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL)

Kids always vie for the latest phones and gadgets. Be it Nintendo in the 80s or iPhone 6 in 2014, each new generation is one step ahead in terms of grasp of technology. So how do parents can stay one step forward with their kids and make sure they are not being exposed to inappropriate content over the web or phone?

And, the Answer is Parental Controls

Luckily, some really parental control apps like Kids Place are available to make sure that your kids are safe on Apple or Android platform. The Android OS has inbuilt parental controls in tablets but there are decent controls for all devices in Play Store. To keep the kids from inappropriate activities on smartphones, setting up parental controls has become essential for the parents and guardians.

So, you are buying ASUS ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL) for your child and it will be better if you consider setting up parental controls on the phone before handing it over to her. This is a smart Android phone that also has inbuilt parental control options. These controls can help ensure that the kid doesn’t spend big bucks on purchasing apps from the Play Store and if you wish to go beyond this, you can turn the smartphone into a device that will not do much other than texting and calling. This is your choice what kind of controls you want to set in the mobile phone your child is using.

Parental Controls on ASUS ZenFone 5Z

The Play Store contains thousands of app, but restrictions are a must if you have kids and are concerned about what they access. To set parental controls on Play Store, first, open the Android Play Store app > Press Settings > Scroll down and turn Parental Controls on. This will ask you to create a PIN and confirm. Now press OK and you will see a number of categories including films, apps and games, TV, music etc. You can set each of these individually and then choose the age rating that is appropriate for the kids.

The Best Parental Control App

One of my cousins suggested me Kids Place app which I installed on my daughter’s mobile, and based on its useful features and capabilities that I was able to utilize, I will suggest Kids Place to the parents who are planning to get ASUS ZenFone 5Z for their children. The free version of this app is available on the Play Store. Kids Place helps you to control the access of several dating sites and addictive games on their mobile phones. It’s the best bet that ensures a safer mobile environment for kids. I really liked this app over any other parental control apps available online. And, I would like to suggest the same. Let’s have a look at some of the top features of the Kids Place app that make it so much desirable for parents:

  1. Sets the limit on the phone usage
  2. Activates blocking options for purchasing new apps from Google Play
  3. Disables all the wireless signals
  4. Sets a timer to limit the usage of mobile phone and controls their screen time
  5. Asks for a PIN before deleting any app or to bypass parental controls
  6. You can activate Kids Place on multiple devices

I hope this app will be beneficial for you like mine. So, download it now to keep your kids from the inappropriate usage of apps.

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