How to Open Parental Control App on a Smart Phone?

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In this era, where toddlers use smartphones and teens socialize over the internet, the challenge most parents face is the boons and banes of the smartphone. The parents understand that restricting their children from using a smartphone could affect not only their ability to learn, but also save them from accessing inappropriate information.  This is why having a robust parental control app helps. It is one of the basic things parents need to provide their children through which they can have access to appropriate content over the internet.

Here are some important facts that are eye opener:

•    A lot of children are exposed to inapt content before age 11

•    Teens become victims of cyberbullying

•    Kids between the age 10-17 are likely to post risky comments or photos online

•    Teens are tempted to share their own or other’s unsuitable pictures on social media

•    Online sex crimes affect children from social networking sites

•    Children make anonymous friend over social networking sites that can influence their life

Why you should go for parental control?

According to many studies by experts, parental monitoring has many positive effects. It protects the children from the harmful things happening across the globe or even in the neighborhood. There are many more advantages of parental control app, some of which are provided below:

1.    Less screen time

2.    Less damage to the eyes

3.    Promotes healthy sleep

4.    Improved grades

5.    Enhanced prosocial behavior

6.    Less aggressive behavior

What is the solution?

Parental control app is one of the best solutions to take control of your children. It is recommended to download Kids Place app by Kiddoware as it is one of the best apps and trusted by millions of parents. This app will not only help you to control the screen time of your kids but will also protect them from accessing inappropriate content. The app is available for free download at Google Play Store and the App Store. It filters, monitors, and blocks unsafe materials to make sure your kids are not exposed to weird things. The Safe Browser’s filters scan and analyze each website to determine if the content available on the website is appropriate for the child or not.

How to open parental control?

The steps are quite simple when it comes to starting with Kids Place. You just have to go to Google Play Store and download the app. Once installed, click Get Started and you will be redirected to a new page. You need to create a PIN number. Enter a 4 digit number and repeat it. Remember the PIN and ensure that your kid cannot crack the code. Enter your valid Email ID, and it is highly recommended to change your PIN often. You also need to enter a hint for your PIN number. Ensure the hint is tricky or else your kid can decode it. Check for Kiddoware newsletter and you are good to go. Now you can add different apps with user access. Your kids can only use those apps and won’t get a chance to intrigue in your personal life. Don’t forget to download the Safe Browser and Kids Place video player to manage all the videos available.

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