How to handle WhatsApp behaviour of kids

Young minds love to make new friends and interact with new people. The ample opportunity they find through strong social media presence on Facebook and especially WhatsApp. If you noticed sudden surge in the habit of your kids, especially during festivals, that they are always seen posting photos, update or talking to people on these platforms, your worry is natural. How can you handle Whatapp behaviour of kids? Don’t worry, this can be controlled, but first you should know about WhatsApp which has now become extremely popular. 

This social media app facilitates us in One to One Messaging, Group Messaging, Image Sharing, Video Sharing, Document Sharing, Location Sharing, and Video Calls to name a few. This app is likely to fulfill all your communication needs. 

Since you cannot put a complete check on WhatsApp use of your kids, you should together with them review the WhatsApp Profile setting and select a picture that they like and you approve of. Then go to Account & Privacy where you can set your child’s privacy settings to “My Contacts.” You can see the options including “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”.
You can also create a Family WhatsApp Group, where kids can share pictures, videos, make plans and communicate with family members. This will help kids to practice the skills required before venturing out into the online social media world.

This is how you can see what kind of words are being used by kids. If you see any bad words being used or anything that could be considered bullying, you should talk to them. 
Since fake news and hoaxes are being spread like wildfire through private groups, you can guide your child about what is real news, and what is fake. You can also teach your child to protect their WhatsApp account. Since it does not require a password to access, if their phone is unlocked, anybody can go on it and impersonate your child and send inappropriate content.
Sexting has become a real cause of worry for parents. Therefore, you should also understand the kind of language being used, and then have a conversation with your child about certain norms when it comes to sexting.
Since pornography on internet easily available, you should install an app like ‘Safe Browser’ in your child’s phone so that such content cannot be downloaded. This app will also make Google searches safe and block pornographic websites. 

If you set the privacy to “My Contacts”, it would be difficult for stranger danger to invade your kids WhatsApp account. However, you should be aware of all the Apps that your child has installed, the websites that your child visits, and especially ensure that there are no Anonymous Chat Apps.  

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We have few Apps which can help you get your kids Safe

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