How to Control FaceBook Screen Time for Your Kids?

Reduce Facebook Screen Time

Young minds love to make new friends and interacting with new people. They find such opportunities through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Social media apps facilitate us in group messaging, image and video sharing, video calling, location sharing and much more. Smartphones are powerful and versatile tools, but these can be dangerously addictive too. We all know that sinking feeling when we realize that we are looking at FaceBook for more than an hour and it’s long past time to be asleep. And, this problem can be far more serious when kids are involved in this.

Managing the screen time of kids is the modern parenting dilemma. Does your kid spend too much time on the phone accessing FaceBook and other social media apps? Are you worried about them sharing content like texts or images? Concerned about cyberbullying or any other inappropriate thing on the web?

Kids Place with an advance timer lock setting

These are the concerns of almost all parents today. I know that and I was also worried about my kid watching videos and texting their friends late into the night on FaceBook. And, then I considered downloading an app that would help me managing and monitoring their Facebook screen time and I ended with Kids Place app. The app has Kids Place Screen Time plugin to set up advance timer lock setting and allows you to set up a daily schedule for particular apps.

Parental control app to limit the screen time of kids

Recently FaceBook has also announced that the FaceBook app will include new tools to let you manage FaceBook screen time you and your kids spend on the phone. But, you know in my case, Kids Place app is really very beneficial. However, before you decide to download the app, here I am providing some of its key features that will surely attract you:

  1. Set up daily schedule to use the app
  2. You can control how long it can be used at the max in a day
  3. You can control during what time of the day FaceBook app can be used by your kids
  4. The app controls the Screen Time on the device

Installing Kids Place Screen Time app is really a blessing for me as it has helped my kid to get out of the addiction he has developed for the online world and FaceBook app. Now, I can set the timer to limit the daily screen time of my son (especially for FaceBook Screen Time) and the app automatically shuts down when it reaches out to the time limit once. The app works amazingly well on iOS and Android phones. This is a myth that online videos can enhance the child’s development while in learning it is a curse as physical learning activities are more beneficial.

Promoting healthy online behavior

While we cannot completely eliminate the screentime of our children, Kids Place Screen Time app is very beneficial and effective in monitoring their FaceBook app usage. Kids Place app has been designed and developed by Kiddoware and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. This app provides an effective way to limit the kids screen time and online behavior of your kids while accessing FaceBook and other social media apps. Download Kids Place for your Apple or Android Phone and be assured about the healthy screen viewing by your kids as you can block them from accessing unhealthy content.

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