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YouTube is home to trillions of videos and we can come across literally everything we want to know about. Listening to music to watching funny videos, learning mathematics to cooking lessons, cartoon shows to adult content, YouTube made us learn something. But, YouTube also has content that isn’t appropriate for our children. If you have curious kids, then YouTube can become a nightmare for you. YouTube continuously removes videos from its site, turns off comments and removes the ads that feature content inappropriate for children, however, few videos are still left which can intrigue your child’s mind. You cannot be the internet traffic police and restrict your kids from switching from one video to another every time. However, parental control apps are the best way to keep your kids safer.

What you should do?

Before you hand over a mighty smartphone to your little munchkin, download parental control apps. Kids Place App from Kiddoware will help you protect your kids from viewing inapt videos. Download the Kids Place app from Google Play Store and control the apps your children can or cannot watch. It is recommended to use parental controls especially for young children who are always watching movies or playing games on their smartphones, laptop or tablets. Kiddoware also offers parental control on browsing the internet with Safe Browser that helps you to manage which sites your kids can access when online. Other than these 2 apps, you need one more app- Kids Safe Video Player- YouTube Parental Controls. This app is the safest way to make your kids watch YouTube without letting them sway away from what is appropriate for them.

Features you cannot resist!

Convenient to use– Activating parental control on YouTube and still worried about what if your kids watch something inappropriate doesn’t make any sense. It is always better to give your child access to a few videos so that you can rest assured about what they can watch. This app allows you to add only those videos that you want your child to watch. They will be able to see only those list of videos that are approved by parents.

Completely safe – As the safety mode is on, the kids can view only what is legitimate. You don’t have to let the Google algorithm take your kid from safe videos to unsuitable ones that can harm them.

Scan and lock – This advanced feature helps you scan the phone, select the best and safest videos to play for your child. You can simply lock the phone to prevent your kids from seeing inappropriate content.

There are many other features to love about Kids Place. It is not only intuitive and feature-rich, but it is way more versatile and helps you and your children keep away from the harmful contents on the internet. It is a reliable way to create a safe entertainment environment for your kids. Moreover, once your kids are restricted to a handful of videos, they won’t spend time glued to the screen. Once they are done with the video they want to watch, they can engage in other activities apart from scrolling inappropriate things.

So, install Kids Place on your child’s smartphone and have peace of mind.

Install Kids Safe Browser on your child’s smartphone now.

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