How to download Kids Place parental controls on Vivo Nex?

The digital world has provided endless opportunities for the entertainment of our kids, but we all need to educate them about its dangers. Handing over a smartphone to the younger kids can be risky if you don’t know about their activities and screen time. So, it has become important for us to put on some parental control apps on our phones to make sure that our kids do not indulge in inappropriate activities while using their smartphones. The future generation is very smart and they want to do something new with the gadgets. However, it is not always safe and you need to take precautions to ensure that your kids are not accessing any inappropriate content on mobile phones.

Precautions? Yes, smartphones and tablets are very handy for kids to explore new things, but this may encourage them to access inappropriate content like purchasing new apps and watching adult content, which may not be suitable for their age. The phones running on Android 4.3 and above versions come with basic controls and parents need to check this. With this, parents can specify which apps they want to allow their child to use.

However, I would like to suggest you download Kids Place app by Kiddoware as this is one of the top parental control apps trusted by millions of parents. This app will not only help you to control the screen time of kids but also protect them from accessing inappropriate adults content. The app is available on Google Play Store and you should have a look at this once before giving any smartphone or tablet to your kids.

Let your child view age-appropriate content only
I have downloaded this app on my kid’s Vivo Nex phone as I noticed that my son was spending hours on his phone downloading various apps and accessing a variety of online content. If you are also planning to gift an Android phone to your kid, you should make sure that the new device does not encourage your child to indulge in inappropriate activities. Don’t let such kind of situation arise. If you have noticed earlier that your kid is fond of gaming apps and watching videos, it is better to download the Kids Place app to check their screen time.

Though Vivo Nex and many other Android phones come with inbuilt parental controls to put a tab on downloading apps by the kids and accessing certain features on YouTube, the Kiddoware parental app can be more helpful. You may download the Kids Safe Video Player and Safe Browser on their mobile phone which will let your kids enjoy age-appropriate content. The phone will be totally in your control and is completely safe for the kids.

Salient features of Kids Place app
And, I am sure you will be feeling relaxed after reading all this. However, there are many other features of this app which you will like for sure, such as:

  1. Controls how long and when the kids can use the device for particular apps
  2. Only parents approved apps and games will be visible
  3. Blocks downloading and purchasing of new apps
  4. No wireless or internet connection is required to run the app
  5. Offers customized parental controls, ranging from toddlers to teens
  6. Can disable all the wireless signals when the app is running
    Kids Place is highly beneficial for kids and if you want to know more about this app, simply download it from Play Store.
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