Google’s safe browsing is helping to build a secured web?

Google's safe browsing

‘Safety First’ – keeping this vision in focus, Google developers are continuously working to make the user’s mobile world safe. Now, this internet search engine giant has made safe browsing possible on all Android phones with Google Play Protect. Google has added a safe browsing feature to the Component WebView that allows Android apps to display content that is appropriate for the user. With the release of version WebView 66, the browsing world has witnessed a new revolution altogether.

Key Features of safe browsing:

  • Safe browsing works every time a user loads a page on popular browsers or when downloads an app from Google App Store.
  • This enables Apps integrated with the feature to warn the user every time when triggering any malicious content.
  • Thus, without having been realized a user is all time protected.
  • This security feature underlies in all Google’s major platforms i.e. Chrome, Android, AdSense, Gmail, thus protecting more than 3 billion devices worldwide.
  • than 50 billion apps that it finds to be fraudulent or harmful.
  • Safe browsing blocks Phishing, Trojans, Ransomware and also warns about Spams, Frauds and Rooting etc. It also identifies and removes Malware before they reach to the user’s device.
  • Safe browsing works for every user, from a child to an adult, everyone is protected by default.

How does it help our kids to browse safely?

For our tech-savvy kids, as the internet has become an inherent part of their lives, parents need to play a more attentive role to ensure that their kids are not exposed to harmful content or apps on the internet and phones. To ease their burden, Google’s safe browsing feature is like a boon for everyone, whosoever wants their kids to stay away from unwanted content.

To address this concern of the parents, many parental control apps are available for Androids and iOS, both for mobiles and desktop uses. Some are paid while free apps are also available in bulk.

Free kids friendly apps and browsers available on Google Play:

  • -: The app filters sites with explicit or deceptive content. It provides most search results with big thumbnails, which makes it easier for the kids to scan the results. 
  • – Powered by Google Custom Search, it uses Google SafeSearch technology that screens sites with sexually explicit content and filters them from the kids’ search results.
  • – The app allows you to let your kid only browse the websites allowed by you. It operates in a KidSafe mode and is password protected. You can add, edit and remove URLs also as per your choice.

Free apps include:

  • – This app manages and monitors kids’ location, calls, screen activities, and App blocking.
  • – This is an app launcher that allows the use of only approved games, apps and sites.
  • Kids Place – This is one of the best parental controls apps developed by Kiddoware. It incorporates beautiful features to restart the app from where it stopped if exited accidentally. Allows only selected downloads, and can block installed apps.

Paid apps for safe browsing by kids:

  • Google Family Link
  • Norton Family Premier
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids
  • Zift
  • Qustodio

Let’s make our kids’ digital world safe and helpful in their growth by using a parental control app. Install a parental control app like Kids Place to ensure that your child is browsing only healthy content on the internet.

FREE LINK for Safe Browser Parental Control – Blocks Adult Sites

Your kids can only use those apps and won’t get a chance to intrigue in your personal life. Don’t forget to download the Safe Browser and Kids Place video player to manage all the videos available.

Free Safe Browser Link

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