Gifting Tablet to your kids? Take this precaution!

Christmas is the festival that brings celebration and togetherness. For kids, its an occasion to receive gifts from their parents and from other relatives. I’m sure you too have promised gifts to your kids! If it is a Tablet, you should take this precaution to make sure that they shouldn’t access inappropriate apps.

 Precaution? yes, the Tablet is obviously a very handy gadget for kids to learn and know a lot of things, but it may also encourage them to access the content or purchase app that you may not find suitable for their age. Although tablets running Android 4.3 and above come with basic parental controls to check kids, parents should better understand how to specify which apps they want to allow their child to use.  However, I would like to suggest you to download ‘Kids Place’, a top parental control app trusted by millions. This will not only help you control screen time of your kids, but will also protect them from accessing porn/adult contents.  

Notably, the app is available on Google Play Store, just have a look at it and spare a bit of time to read its features. You would certainly like to download it for your kids safety. No doubt through gifts we express our love for our near and dear ones. If you have planned to give your kid an android phone on this Christmas, you also need to ensure that the new device may not capture majority hours of your kid. Don’t let this situation arise, as you wish your kid to enjoy the gadget and not bother you.  If you have earlier noticed that your kid is fond of watching Youtube videos, you should install parental control to check screen time of your kid. Although Youtube have certain features to keep a tab on kids, third party extensions or Kiddoware parental apps can be more helpful to you.  I would suggest you to download Kids Safe Video player, which is a kids play tube with child lock for watching videos on Youtube. It is the safest play for kids to enjoy their favorite videos. This app is like having kid friendly youtube and kids videos player all in one.  Parents can very easily select a list of videos, stored on their device, Youtube or Internet that kids generally watch. Your kid will be able to watch the list of videos that you have approved. Thus Youtube kids app and children video player are in total control for the best of your kid. This is completely safe, as the kids tube app also allows search videos from Youtube using safety mode, therefore inappropriate videos do not figure in search results.  I’m sure you are feeling relaxed after reading these lines?

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