Easy ways to control your child’s smartphone

Technology has connected people from every part of the world, and Social media has facilitated it more. It has a very strong presence in our everyday lives. More than adults, kids and teenagers are more into it, especially on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Their screen time on gadgets and mobile phones has increased manifold, affecting their studies and other activities, therefore, for parents using parental control is an easy option to check it.

But how to go ahead, we here tell you easy ways to put control on your kids’ intoxication for gadgets and smartphones.

Visit Google Play Store to download and install a parental control app. For that just open the Play Store, and search for “Safe Browser” or “Kids Place“. Tap one to view the description, and once you find that it will suit your purpose, tap the “Install” button to download and install it.

Launch the parental control app, and locate the icon of the app you selected from the home screen or app drawer, and tap it. When this app opens, it would show you many options, where you can add apps for your child. This would now be the home screen that your child will always experience.

You must also set a PIN code, which most parental control apps will require you to create. The PIN code will be used to add unrestricted apps, make changes to settings, and exit the parental control mode. This will not allow your child to make unnecessary changes to the parental control mode or exit it unintentionally.

For creating a PIN, the option is usually given in the Settings menu, which you can locate –three dots or three lines. Just tap it, and select “Create a PIN.” Now enter the PIN you want to use, then tap “OK.”

Sometimes, you will find some parental control apps asking you to select a security question and provide an answer for extending additional security. No doubt, this is useful if you forget the PIN.

In the Settings menu, you can also add your child’s information. For this, you need to enter your child’s name, birth date, age, gender in the fields provided, and then tap “OK.”

From the Settings menu, you can tap the option for selecting apps. When a list of the installed apps appear, you just go through the apps and tap the ones that you would like your child to access. If you’re done, tap “OK.”

If your child has used parental control mode, exit the app. On opening it again, it will ask for the PIN code. Enter it, and the screen will show only those apps that you have allowed your child to use. You can now safely allow your kid to use the device because he will not be able to exit this mode.

Since the PIN will be required to exit, he/she will not be able to access the Settings menu without the PIN. These measures will certainly help you to check the screen time of your kid.

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