Why has parenting become more complicated now than it was in the pre-digital era?

Well, to begin with, parenting is not an easy job. We know it’s a full-time responsibility and has never been easy. And we are nothing but very proud of you. 

But do you feel that since technology has escalated so much, it has become difficult for millennial parents to handle children growing up with so much technology influence? Without a doubt, technology has improved the lifestyle of children growing up today than it did a decade back. 

But has the same technology influenced your lifestyle so much that parenting your children has become a task for you?

A study shows that most millennial parents are depending on their parents when it comes to parenting. Why is it so? Is it because you have been too, been busy online and on social media? Or is it because there is too much on the internet? Is it because your children are more prone to the online world than the real world? 

Do you even feel that children have become a little bit more complicated since the digital era has been introduced in their lives?

Technology sure is a boon for the era, but it is still a loss when compared to its negative effects on children.

These are the 3 main reasons why parenting has become complex now than it was before

  1. Gadgets have ruled lifestyles.
  2. Too much Advice!
  3. Online browsing habits

Gadgets have Ruled Lifestyles-

We all know with the growing technology, gadgets have rules our lifestyles. We depend on them for waking up and even to fall asleep. If we as adults can get involved in it so much, why can’t our children get attached to these gadgets? They are still new to the world and just like every shiny thing is appealing to a child, it’s the same with every new gadget. Children are new to the world of technology and are growing with it. So, gadgets being a part of their lifestyles is a very basic thing. 

But at the same time, These gadgets have created havoc when it comes to parenting, haven’t they? Children have been so much involved in their screens that they have forgotten how life is lived without them. May it be setting a schedule or capturing a memory, it is always some or the other laptop, tablet or mobile which has everything recorded in it. 

This is one of the main reasons why Parenting has become more complicated than it was before. Children are obsessed with their phones and parents are finding it difficult to keep them away from them.


Too Much Advice!

Well, we all know the internet is a sea filled with people sailing in different boats. Everyone has a different opinion about the same thing or a different opinion about everything said on the internet. 

You parents are exposed to so many tips and tricks about parenting on the internet, isn’t it? There are so many blogs, websites, apps, videos, podcasts etc. etc. about parenting. Even though we are one of them. But the point is, what to follow and what not to do is very confusing.

And you tend to listen to those or follow those methods tried by others. This either is a win or a loss. It is not necessary that everything tried by others will work with you too. 

Thus too much talk on the net is a big issue on the internet. Every parent and child relationship is unique in its own way. Some ground rules are the same for everyone while it comes to parenting. The tricks to effective parenting should be unique for everyone. Parents have to stop following too much internet advice and limit it to only those methods that sound logical.


Online Browsing Habits-

Even as adults, we depend on the internet to know about everything. Children being so active on the internet have all the information at one tap. They have access to so many things. 

They are exposed to a lot of content online which is not age-appropriate. This has made it difficult for parents to hide and filter content online.


So what can you do about it?

How can you get over these complexities and make parenting a smoother process? Here are ways to less complicate parenting:

  • Communication is the Key
  • Structured Digitization Plan
  • Parental Control Apps


Communication is the Key-

Yes, communication indeed is the key. There is no denial in the fact that everything can be sorted out with proper communications. 

This same applies to parenting. You cannot keep your children away from their phones. They are essential to the era. Instead, you can always talk and communicate to them about the dangers of the glammy internet world.

You can tell them about the various cybercrime-related issues. You can talk to them about safe browsing hacks. You can even have a healthy conversation about the do’s and don’ts while being online.

This way you can prevent the risks your child faces while being online.


Structured Digitized Plan-

Okay, don’t get panicked after reading this. All we are trying to say is, a structured plan about being online and setting hours would make a lot of difference in the internet behaviour of your children.

Setting a schedule for the time spent online and dividing the day with an equal number of online and offline activities could do wonders when it comes to parenting. As we’ve said enough that technology and mobiles are a part of your and your child’s life. You are as incomplete without it as they are. So instead of depriving them of their need for tech and tools, co-existing with them would always be a healthier option for parents.

You can make a plan and timetable for the number of hours spent online by you and your children. Do it together so that they learn, follow and get inspiration from you. 

The best part of this technology is that you can use it to keep your children away from it. To know how visit, 



Parental Control Apps-

There is a great option when it comes to digital parenting and that is these Parental Control Apps. They provide the exposure which is needed and safe of the internet world to your children. These parental control apps also have features such as screen time control, app blocking, safe browser access, video safe search, location sharing features and so many more.

This way it will be easy for you to keep your children safe on the internet. These parental control apps have made digital parenting a lot more easier and less complicated.


In short, parenting has taken a twisted turn ever since technology has taken a turn. It has become so confusing for millennial parents to take control of the new parenting life. 

The methods and ways of millennial parenting are different from what was previously implemented by the other generations. Parenting has taken a turn but even in this digital era, parenting can be tackled easily. Just the parenting techniques and hacks might change for better and easier parenting. 🙂

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