What Permissions KidsPlace app ask?

Following permissions are required by Kids Place App to perform its functionality:

For almost all Android manufacturer:

For almost all Android manufacturer:

Android permissions asked by KidsPlace app

Usage Access request: 

App Usage Access permission is required to make sure we block unapproved apps to be accessible from Kids Place app. This is also required to limit screen time.

System Alert Window Request:

This permission is required to display any warnings like remaining time and prevent kids to perform any unauthorized actions on unapproved apps.


Additional Permissions for few devices Redmi/Huawei/Oppo/Vivo, etc

For these devices Kis Place need some additional permissions because of they don’t use standard Android OS. Below are the additional permissions:

Android asked by Kids place app for some specific devices i.e. Huawei, Redmi, Oppo

Critical app settings:

 These permission name and how you get to it may vary based on your device manufacturer and model but please follow steps similar to what is described below:

Go to Android device settings > Manage Apps or Apps > Kids Place App > tap on Other permissions and enable following permissions:

1. Display Popup Windows While Running in the background

2. Display Popup Windows

3. Permanent Notification

4. Change WiFi connectivity

5. Auto Start

6. Battery Saver – Choose No Restriction

How to Enable these permissions later from settings For Redmi/Huawei/Oppo/Vivo

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