Parental Controls on Teen’s Android Device

One way to approach installing parental control apps on teens device, without making them feel as if they are being punished or being spied on, is to have a frank conversation with them about your intention that you are concerned about their safety instead of using apps to restrict their access. 
Our Kids Place Screen Time Control app along with remote control plugin app can be used for geolocation tracking and can provide you reports on what apps are being used and for how long. It can provide alerts to parents based on geolocation events.
Similarly, you can use our safe browser app to control and get reports on what websites are being used by your kids and get alerts if they visit any inappropriate sites.
You can configure both Kids Place and Safe Browser in a way that it’s not much restrictive to annoy your kids but at the same time, you can monitor their activities from our remote admin console and can have a conversation if you see something that is not right. 
Hope this helps. 

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