An effective tool for Android parental control

Kids Place Parental Control – An effective tool for Android Parental Control

In this age of globalization, demand in the use of mobile devices has been increasing exponentially and so is their popularity among kids. Access to full featured internet browsing and option of free downloadable applications is easier than ever before. There’s no second thought about being technically updated is a good thing, but what raises the alarming question is, the safe use of the device. Most of the kids are addicted to adult sites, owing to their easy and free access. They often download such application which does nothing but increases the phone bill. Their action results in damaging either the software or the hardware of the phone, mostly software.

To make the process of monitoring and supervising kids’ mobile usage simpler and easier, Kiddoware, a Phoenix, Arizona, based mobile app developer has created one stop destination for the sole purpose of easy parenting. They’ve launched an android parental control app/kid’s launcher by the name of Kids Place, with parental controls & child lock that protects the personal data and restricts kids to apps approved by parents or guardians, preventing any sort of harm to the mobile and ensuring maximum fun time for kids.

Download Kids Place to control what your kids can or can not do on android tablets and smart phones.

It is quite common for a parent to worry about the misuse of Wi-Fi by their children. There have been cases when little ones have made a chaos on internet, without even knowing the consequences of their actions. In his “quest to quench the curiosity” the child end up at any inappropriate site or play store and purchases an app or software, and parents are clueless about the intensified bill. Once your phone is equipped with Kids Place, it will prevent kids to buy or download anything from internet. Kids Place will automatically disable wireless connections.

Manage Videos and Websites

You can not only manage your apps but also manage your videos. (You’ll require plug in for advanced website content filtering)

Kids Place is designed to monitor phone calls and text messages. One of the essential requirements for people with kids is ensuring that their child doesn’t make any uncanny phone calls neither receives one. You can block the incoming calls (you’ll have to activate it in  Kids Place Parental Control settings.)

block phone call

Block incoming calls and disable wireless connection as per requirement.

Play store offers you unlimited apps, most of them are really helpful in your professional life and you handle it responsibly. But kids, they are way too far from being responsible. They are fascinated by attractive things and no matter how much you tell them to avoid it, they will definitely poke their nose in it. Let’s take an example of any social media apps like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, kids might upload any photo or status that might make you a laughing stock amongst your peers.

Kids Place allows you to build your own customized home screen by selecting relevant apps for your kids.

manage apps

These apps, displayed on the home screen of Kids Place are the only ones accessible to kids. Rest apps are password protected.

kids mode

You can also enable full-screen mode.

Use of this app requires no internet connection; no email; no account creation and no payment required for the app to work.

Kids Place offers you all the essential tools for effective parental control.

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The app is available for Android along with its plugin for safe video searches. Follow the link to download it.

For FAQs or any further information – visit Kiddoware.

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