How to enable communication features while blocking other features

Kids Place App - Enable Communication, Disable unwanted features

Phones were invented to increase the ease of communication, pure and simple. Today, many parents wish that cellphones were limited to communication, at least part of the time. Thanks to Kids Place App – A Parental Control App, parents can now enable communication features while blocking games, internet searches and other features on their child’s phone. Simply follow these steps or skip to the bottom to view a video tutorial:

  • Create an app category that includes the communications apps to which you want full access.  Here, it’s labeled Com, short for communication.

  • Enter Settings
  • Enter the Timer

  • Enter the Advanced Timer

  • Select the User Profile for which you’d like to set the schedule (default otherwise)
  • Select the set schedule icon to the right
  • Select Menu

You must now clear the device schedule since this is the master schedule. Any changes to the device schedule impact all app and category schedules. For absolute flexibility, keep the master schedule completely open (device) and limit schedules at a category and then app level. To clear the device schedule:

  • Select Menu in the left hand corner
  • Select the Apps tab
  • Select Device

  • Select Options in the right hand corner

  • Select Clear all time slots

With the device schedule clear, you may now schedule the Com category to give 24 hour a day, full week access to the communications apps you would like your child to access.

  • Select Menu
  • Select the Categories tab
  • Select the category you chose for you communications apps

  • Select Options
  • Select Clear all time slots
  • Return to the Advanced Timer page and select Start
  • Return to Settings
  • Select Parental Controls

  • Scroll to Allow phone calls
  • Check the box to all phone calls

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