Which are the best parental control apps for safe internet browsing?

In addition to the endless benefits it offers, the internet also requires some precautions to be taken to prevent the threats hidden behind. Surfing internet has become an important part of our day-to-day activities.  At any moment and within a single click, it can provide any information that we want and can publish it on social networks. This easy accessing of the internet simplifies our tasks, but are we aware of the dangers of accessing internet after each click? Just as in real life, there are criminals, on the internet, there are cybercriminals. They may exploit any neglect, can steal information, propagate virus or can take any action for their own benefit.

However, even if when connecting to internet, we are exposed to such threats and activities by cybercriminals, safe internet browsing is still very much possible.  Same is the scenario with kids but how can you teach your kids to use the internet safely? Whether you have a teen that’s never known a world without web or have a kid, safe browsing is must to keep the family protected from malware, viruses and more.  Internet crimes are increasing with each passing day and it is the major concern of parents how to protect kids from these threats. To keep kids safe from accessing the unauthorized content over the web, installing a parental control app offering safe browsing options is the best solution.

Importance of parental control software

With the use of parental control software, every concerned parent can easily watch the activities of their kids on phone. Sometimes, kids are addicted to browsing internet and some of these sites are not providing the safe content. This content is not useful for kids and with best parental control apps and software, parents can easily control their kids’ online activities.

Best parental control apps for safe browsing

We all are worried about our kids’ online activities and if the kids are addicted to online social apps, browse the web and any other activities, then it is better to install a parental control app or software. Here are the best parental control apps that provide better control features to the parents:

  1. K9 Web Protection: This is one of the best parental control apps for setting up better control on your kids’ online activities. This allows you to access the kids’ location, browsing history and other online activities. The app is compatible with Android, Windows and iPhone.  It is available for free, is reliable and error-free.
  2. Qustodio:  If you want to set up parental control on your kids’ phone, Qustodio is the best solution. This app is compatible with Android, Windows and iPhone. Some of the key features of the app include filtering the website content, blocking social apps and accessing real-time location.
  3. Norton Online Family: This parental control software app is one of the best apps that allows you to access the online activities of your kids like time tracking, web monitoring, location and more. It supports all the major operating systems like Windows, iOS and Android. Some of the best features of this app include setting up time restrictions, monitoring social media apps and accessing location.
  4. Kids Place: This is one of the best rated parental control apps available for free. The app is easily compatible with all the major operating systems and allows you to keep check on the online activities of your kids. This highly useful app by Kiddoware offers safe browsing options to the parents including monitoring the web history, internet filtering, setting time restrictions and much more. Kiddoware has two more apps, Safe Browser and Kids Place Video Play that you can install on your kids’ smart phone to be assured that they do not access any harmful online content.

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