Keeping Kids Safe Online: A Parent’s Guide During COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a barrier in all aspects of our lives.  With lockdown imposed, adults have been asked to work from home and students are forced to attend online classes. In these uncertain times, it may be very difficult to monitor your child’s online activity as now they are not only using the devices to interact socially but also to attend classes and interact for educational purposes. 

Prior to COVID-19, children would spend their leisure time either playing outdoors or enjoying an evening with family. Now, after online classes, they are still glued to the devices,  browsing through social media and other platforms for entertainment. 

Parents need to keep a strict watch that the entertainment does not turn into trouble or a horrific experience for their child. 

So what can you do to keep your child safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic? 


Thankfully, there is a handy parental control app that will help you monitor your child’s activities online and help you control screen time – Kids Place by Kiddoware.


Kiddoware provides,  

  • Complete app suite: This app suite provides child safety at every developmental stage. It has the following products – Kids Place, Safe Browser, Remote Control and Video Player
  • Reliable and safe: More than 7 years have been invested in creating these apps. It meets the needs and wants of millions of parents who want the safety of their child 
  • Tech friendly: Convenient tools are best to monitor activity while setting agreeable limits
  • Discreet control: Kiddoware believes that effective parental control needs to be discreet and thus they have created apps that one can control remotely.


Once you have installed the suite, the apps will help you (the parents):

  • Create a custom home screen that displays only apps that parents have selected
  • Block play store to prevent downloading new apps and making purchases
  • Timer lock – This has the ability to stop apps after a specified amount of time
  • If an app accidentally closes, it auto restarts. This is especially good for parents who have kids below the age of 4 who are unable to restart apps on their own. This allows parents to stay focused on their own tasks
  • Customize wallpaper to suit your child’s liking
  • In case your child has attempted to access a blocked site, it will send you a notification
  • Weekly reports that list web activity 
  • Blocks adult sites and unwanted adult content
  • Blocks unsafe websites, websites hosting virus, phishing and spyware
  • Set your own web filtering rules
  • Ability to sync data between the controlled device and the administrative account so you can access current data and enable the parental lock, live.
  • Geo-Location Tracking on the device so you know your child is safe. Set up a virtual fence and receive notifications when the device leaves the designated area all from the convenience of the online parental controls.
  • Intuitive dashboard, switching between devices and accessing data is easier
  • Reports on app usage and location through the child monitoring app or the cloud console
  • Remotely lock or wipe a device
  • Push notifications to the controlled device.
  • Remotely select which apps on your child’s device are blocked or approved
  • Personalized Playlists
  • Filter YouTube videos
  • Creating Video Playlist for internal device storage videos.


There are many more features on the Kids Place Parental Control App. Download and try it today!


For downloading the other apps, follow the following links: 


Besides using parental control apps, you can follow these ways to make sure you are keeping your child protected online – 


  • Inform your child about the online risks – especially risks that have increased during COVID-19. Make sure they understand the gravity of these risks and how they can affect their lives – be it physical health or mental health. 
  • Keep an open communication door, so that, they come to you for help when something goes wrong or can openly inform you if there is an issue they are facing online. 
  • Online games are not only for children — try and co-play with your child, this will also help you understand the child’s interest and also open a path to talk about online safety openly to them. 
  • Encourage children to use devices in open areas of the home.
  • As a family, set strict limits on screen time or use of phones. Parents can set an example on this. During the pandemic, parents have been so entangled in their work, that they have been carrying work to bed and using phones while sleeping. Children will follow the same. 
  • Constantly keep a check while they are attending online classes. 

COVID-19 is a crisis being fought by all, and sadly there are predators who have been taking undue advantage of the situation, online. If you want to keep your kids safe during the pandemic – be it their online classes or during their social media interaction, then don’t think twice, download this useful parental control app from Google Play Store and protect your child from online harm.

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