How to limit screen time for kids? Use Parental Control Apps!

Screen time limit app

Screen time is the time frame for which someone is engaged in a device like television, mobile, laptop, video games, etc. There are a number of ways in which a child interacts with the screen such as:

  • Passive use: Watching movies, listening to music
  • Interactive use: Playing games, browsing the internet
  • Two-way interactions: Web chats, video chats, social media usage
  • Productive use: Creating projects like writing, music, art, etc.

The study of screen time and its negative and positive effects on kids have interested researchers all across the world. The overindulgence of a child in digital devices was linked to hampering their mental and physical development. Preference for mobiles and tablets have adverse effects on a child’s grades and physical health. As the media has started consuming more and more of kids’ time and attention, they have proven to show more sedentary behaviour. To ensure a healthy lifestyle for a child, parent’s need to play a key role in modelling healthy habits for them.

Some suggestions to help you limit screen time for your kids are provided below:

Be a good model for them

Decrease your own screen time and avoid checking your phone every now and then to promote healthy habits in your child too. Don’t keep televisions on as background noise and indulge the child in activities with you.

Have tech-free zones

It is necessary to establish zones in your house where electronics are not allowed. Make dinner table electronics-free and reserve it for meals and family conversation. No screen times right before bed to make sure that the child sleeps at proper hours. No TV in the bedroom is another great policy to stand by.

Educate yourself about the latest techs

Stay up to date about the latest applications, electronics, etc. to make sure that the child is accessing only what is suitable for their age. Understand the ratings of a game before letting them play with it. Teach them about the dangers of media and monitor their usage wisely.

Promote other activities

Encourage the child to indulge in activities that do not involve a screen such as outdoor sports, indoor games, music, reading a book, cooking, etc.

Reward them with screen time

Let the child understand that screen time is a privilege and ask them to earn it. Good behaviour shall earn them screen time while bad behaviour shall have negative consequences. Stick to the daily limit and make sure that they finish some daily chores like homework, cleaning of their room, an hour of outdoor play, etc. before giving them any screen time.

Use parental control app:

Nowadays there are some good parental control apps in the market. These apps have been designed to let the parents schedule and limit the child’s app usage. Kids Place is one such parental control app that not only lets you limit the screen time of your kids but also limits their access to the apps that are approved by you. The app works offline and locks off all its settings and the rest of the mobile through a password. Only the apps approved by the parent are visible and accessible to the child. Kids Place is customizable according to the child’s age and parents’ requirements. Multiple user access with personalised settings is also possible through the app. Download Kids Place from App Store or Google Play to monitor the screen time of your kids and keep their usage of mobile phones in a healthy balance.

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