How to keep your child safe from Phishing

The Internet has provided endless opportunity for entertainment, but we need to educate our children about the dangers that exist there. One such category belongs to hackers, who run a factory of lies and fake information. Through fake mail, they may ask you to unlock your bank account through a link, and blast it out to millions of people, knowing well that one or two of them will fall prey to it. This practice is known as “phishing” which traps young minds mostly.

Since children are more susceptible to such fake emails or messages in the internet world, they must be taught about the basic rule of not to click any such mail. If somebody sends a link, even a friend or a family member, they shouldn’t click it. If a link is posted on social media, kids must avoid it. If someone is cajoling you to click a link, you should never click it. In nutshell, if there’s a scrap of doubt, adult or child, don’t click.

How to keep your child safe from Phishing?

Education is the best weapon against phishing, as it will be more useful to your kids in the long run. You can teach kids to spot the signs of phishing email. Does the email address itself come from an official account? Is the subject line properly spelled? These are a few examples to make your kid understand the nefarious practice. You can sit with kids and show them phishing emails you get, and why they are fake.

If you want to check this Phishing for your kids then a very effective way is to simply route all online communications through you. No doubt kids need their own space as they get older. They also need their own space to extend online, but trust between parent and child is more important. For official functions like school contact, you should ask kids to give your email.

Since kids are unfamiliar with worldly affairs, smartest of them can make mistakes, or get fooled, just like their parents. Therefore, it is better to keep a control on what kids can click through parental control apps. These apps can be installed on any platform that are used by kids. 

Kiddoware Parental Control apps can even prevent apps from being installed or used easily and appear very handy. Such apps are the places where phishers generally lurk. Beware of these, and also make your kid understand the dangers of it.

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