Mastering YouTube Parental Controls: Set Screen Time Limits on Android

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Why to use Screen Time Limit on YouTube App

It’s very easy for children to spend hours and hours on YouTube app these. With YouTube shorts, they can just keep scrolling down watching one video after another. This is why its very important to limit their interaction with YouTube app.

How Can We Limit Screen Time for YouTube app on Android?

As a parent of a child with Android Tablets or Phones, now you can use parental control controls app to limit YouTube app screen time.

Kids Place Parental Control and Kids Mode app on Google Play store provides a simple and easy way to create Kids Space on your device
Please do following 5 simple steps to limit screen time of YouTube app on your Google Android device:

Just follow these simple steps to set up the restrictions:


Step 1. Download Kids Place Parental Control and Kids Mode app from Play store


Step 2. Start Kids Place Parental Control and Kids Mode App

Android Parental Control App for screen TIme limit on YouTube app


Step 3. Go to Settings

Screen time limit using Kids Place Parental Control App

Step 4. Tap on Screen Time Controls options

Step 5. Tap on YouTube App

Set YouTube App Screen Time Limit

Step 6. Tap on Update Daily Limit and set time limit to max time you want your kids to use YouTube app on their android phones and/or android tablets

Set time limit on YouTube App



That’s it. Now once the time limit is reached, kids place will automatically block YouTube app on their devices.


Below is a quick video that explains how  to set the screen time limit on YouTube app using Kids Place Parental Control and Kids Mode App

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