5-Go for Phone Detox if you are fed up with your kids’ social media obsession

Why this is happening and how to deal with this problem begins at home where such habits of children need to be restricted. But if, it has already gripped your kid, you should go for phone detox

When we talk about phone detox, it is actually digital detox that is related to our cutting down tech time across all screens and devices. And the biggest screen-based offender is our smartphone, which has become rather a plaything in the hands of kids. Recently, Christmas was celebrated across the world and a lot of gifts were given to children and teens. Of these gifts, majority belongs to games, gadgets, and smartphones. 

It has also been seen that during and after festivals, screen time fatigue comes to the fore because of excessive use of smartphones. You would have seen endless scrolling by kids eating into their precious time or distracting them from their studies at home or school. If you have noticed it, the time is ripe for phone detox. We are here to tell you how to proceed. 
1-First of all, you should switch off notifications for apps that share unnecessary alerts if you really want to check your kids and wish them to focus on other tasks. 

2. A true phone detox involves cleansing smartphone of time-draining apps. Pick the apps that you see are taking too much time of your kid, you should take harsh decision of even deleting them from the phone.

3. Another habit has also been observed in families of multi-screening. Kids too have adopted this habit seeing their elders. Parents must shed this behaviour of being on their phone while watching TV. Only then they would be able to guide their kids to check their habit. 

4. Parents should also ensure that children are not distracted by phone while they are busy with some other work. A phone detox is about using phone when it is really needed. Therefore, persuade them to use this time to do something much productive. Notably, this percolates in the family from top.  

If are really interested in digital detox of your kids, just begin with the steps discussed here, and ask them to enjoy more time in other productive tasks. Otherwise, you have other options of using parental control apps.

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