Google For Kids

Google For Kids

Kids Safe Search Engine by Kiddoware is search engine designed specifically for kids in mind. Its like google for kids and only show child appropriate content in search results.  Try the search below to experience our google for kids safe search engine:

Google For Kids

Kiddoware Explore Kids Safe Search Engine only shows kids safe content in search results. Search results are also provided in context of various topics. Currently product supports following topics:

1. Web: For Safe Search results across all internet. This topic or context is used for generic search across all websites. 

2. Education: For safe search to display results from sites that have educational content. This topic limit search results for educational content related sites. This is great for parents who want their  kids to only use kids safe search engine for educational purpose only. 

3. Facts: For safe search factual results from various encyclopedia sites. The facts context is also great topic for students who want to use a safe search engine to find facts for educational purpose. This topic search content for various facts based websites on the internet. 

4. News: For Kids Safe Search Results about current affairs and news. New context search content from kids friendly news websites across the internet. 

5. Videos: For child safe search for videos from platform like YouTube, Vemo, etc. This topic provides kids safe search for videos deemed safe for kids to watch. This is similar to using a safe search in Kids YouTube. 

6. Images: For kids safe search for images. Image context provides a kids safe search engine to find children appropriate images across internet. 


Parents can login to kiddoware account to customize the search engine per their needs. In the settings section, parents can decide what keywords to block in search parameters. Parents can also decide to block images; videos etc from search results.


Kids Safe Search engine complements Kiddoware Kids Safe Browser products. Parents can set kiddoware kids safe search engine as the default search engine in browser to make sure not only inappropriate sites are blocked but also the search results displayed in the browsers are also kid appropriate. Currently Kids Safe Search engine is available for Google Android OS, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Google Chromebook OS. 

Upcoming Features:

Below are the list of upcoming features:
a. Ability to use voice based searching. This will be specially handy for little kids who can’t type.

b. Ability to search Mathematical equations by typing in or uploading images of mathematics questions.

c. Ability to search and play kids friendly games.

d. Ability to search and watch kids friendly YouTube videos based on preselected categories by parents.

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