Set screen time limit for using the phone or tablet

To set a time limit to control screen time or access a phone or tablet level itself, please do the following configuration in the Kids Place Parental Control app:

1. Go to kids place settings > timer > enable advance timer > tap on configuring daily time limit > tap on the default profile. You can take a short cut to get to this screen, by going to kids place settings > manage apps > tap on timer icon next to any app.
2. Select the “Apps” tab > device and set the daily time limit there. You can also block access to your android phone or tablet for a specific time of the day as well on that screen.

Following are step by step details with screenshots:

1.   Open Settings

You need to open the setting by tapping on the setting icon on the screen of your android device.

2.   Enter Password

Now, you will see enter pin window on your phone where you need to enter the password which you chose for yourself.


3.   Open Timer

Now, you need to tap the option of “Timer” in premium features as you will see the window given in the below screenshot


4.   Tap Advanced Timer Option

Now you will see this window. You need to tap the advanced timer option for selecting the time limits.


5.   Configure Time limit

You need to tap the configure a daily schedule for the apps by setting the time limit for the apps you want to use in a limited time.


6.   Tap Default Profile

Now, you will see a new window on the screen with the option of default profile. You need to tap on it and by setting the time you can limit the usage of apps you want to do.


8.   Set a daily limit for the device (set screen time)

Now, you can easily set daily limits for the device according to your own choice for the days of the week. Another path to get to set the time limit at the device (Kids Place) level is to tap on three horizontal lines on the top left corner > select apps tab > tap on “device”.

The red area shows that you have selected that period when you want to disable the “chrome” app on my phone.

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