Kids Place – Parental Control For Android

Kids Place - Parental Control and Child Lock

Android parental controls with child lock that can childproof any android phones, tablets, Kindle Fire and Nook devices.

An app launcher with parental controls & child lock that protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved. Kids Place also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money.

In this Parental Control app, Home; Back; Search and Call buttons are locked so that kid cannot get out of the Kids Place or make phone calls.

Baby Rattle Toy – Child Lock

Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock

Free Rattle Toy to calm or amuse your baby. Comes with Child Lock.

With Baby Rattle Toy you can calm or amuse your baby with your phone. Your baby will love this toy. With this free app you will always have a toy to calm your baby. The app rattles on shaking your phone or tapping the screen. App also includes a high contrast black and white pattern rattle style, which is scientifically proven to be visual stimulant for newborns.

To avoid exposure to potentially harmful cell phone radiation, app provides settings to force airplane mode on launch. To make the app baby proof all the phone buttons are deactivated, to avoid babies accidentally closing the app.

Letters With Ally – Learn ABC

Letters With Ally - Learn ABC

Learn letters with Ally the Alligator. Kids Place compatible for child lock. A fun way to introduce alphabets to babies; toddlers and preschoolers. Animated letter formation will captivate the little ones. App encourages motor skills and sensory exploration.

A fun way to introduce alphabets to babies; toddlers and preschoolers. Child lock setting to lock home button. Requires Kids Place app to be installed and running for this feature. Setting to lock media controller on video player for toddlers and younger kids. Scans your device and external storage for available videos for parents to select from.

Lot of options to control behavior on playback completion.

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Kiddoware Apps


  • Kids Launcher: Easy to use home screen for kids
  • Time Limit: Controls how long your kid(s) can play with the tablet
  • Multiple Users Support: Create separate profiles for each kid
  • Blocks Ads & Unauthorized App: Limits access to unauthorized and inappropriate content
  • Blocks Play Store – Prevents downloading and installing new apps
  • Apps Grouping – Group apps into categories for easier navigation
  • Cloud Based Parental Controls for Web Content
  • Custom Whitelist/Blacklist Web Sites: Access only parent approved sites
  • Browser Designed Specifically for Younger Kids
  • Parental Controls for Videos
  • Kids Safe YouTube Search
  • Child Lock Settings
  • Parental Controls for Pictures
  • Child Lock Settings
  • Parents can Record sounds for each image
  • Set up daily schedule to use device
  • Set up daily schedule to use a specific app
  • Control how long an app can be used in a day
  • Controls Kids Screen Time

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My one year old loves it, as do my 7 and 5 year old. Thanks you for this awesome app.


Great app.


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