Why You Need to Consider Mi A2 Parental Controls

As soon as our teenagers consider themselves as independent and grown-ups, they require parental attention the most. With the passage of time, the need for parental surveillance has intensified due to the influence of technology. Teenagers are addicted to digital technology more than ever. From screen addiction to texting and gaming addiction, there are multiple ways that keep the kids engaged and busy on mobile phones. With the rise of technology, Mi Phones have become popular among teenagers and this is why many parents have started taking the benefits of the parental control apps to keep the kids safe and secured on the web.

How to monitor the mobile device of kids?
If you intend to monitor your child’s activity in this digital age, you need a parental control app that works well on your mobile platform. After all, tech addiction is a major problem for both kids and adults. Perhaps your kid is communicating with a dangerous stranger without your knowledge and in such cases; a good parental control app will help you to keep a watch on anything that may harm them.

Best app for parental controls
One such app that keeps parents updated is the Kids Place which is compatible with Mi A2 phone. It works with the consent of your kids and gives you chance to control the device. While using this app, parents need not worry about their teen finding out if they are spying or snooping on them digitally.

Benefits of Kids Place app on Mi A2
Want to try this app for free? Just download it from Google Play Store and access its premium features. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you will be able to monitor the online activities of your kids. Here are some of the key benefits of using the Kids Place app on your Mi Phone:

• Prevents kids from using questionable apps
• Stops kids from exploring inappropriate content online
• Keeps tabs on the kids if they are outside home
• Averts the chances of digital addiction
• Sets purchase authentication

Kids Place app will help you maintain the Mi A2 device in a wide variety of ways. This involves web content filtering, app blocking, location tracking, minimizing the screen-time and more.

Other parental control ways on Mi Phone

  1. Add extra user profile: You can create a separate profile for your kids to operate their phone. This way, they will have a separate space for apps and games.

To create a new profile, go to Device Settings > Users, select Add User and give it permissions. When the set up is complete, the phone will look the same when you first booted the device but with some parental controls.

  1. Google Play app filtering: Filter the content that your kids will view or download from the play store. To do so, you can use simple app filter controls. Go to Play Store >Settings >Parental Controls > On > enter PIN > tap on apps and games and select your desired rating. You can do the same with other options

In Mi Phones, click on the Security app> click on Permissions> Automatic Start, in this section, installed apps will appear and here you can activate parental controls. Congratulations, now you can have complete control over what your kids can view online and you will be in the know-how of your kids’ online activities.

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