Which is the best app to limit screen time for kids?

A majority of parents today are concerned about the amount of time their child is spending on phones and other digital media. Controlling the screen time for kids has shifted from merely watching the televisions to smartphones, laptops, video games, etc. These habits not only harm a child’s physical growth due to lack of physical exercises but also hamper their mental health due to their addictive content. Spending more than appropriate time on these media affects an individual’s daily healthy routine adversely and also their overall performance and natural sleep pattern. Taking into account these worries of the parents, leading app developers have come up with useful apps that can help parents limit their child’s screen time.

These apps allow a parent to monitor and manage the apps used by the child and help them achieve effective screen time. The parents are given the power to limit a child’s app access and overall time spent on the phone. One of the most popular Parental Control Apps is Kids Place. The app has a simple layout that is tidy and easy to use. After installing the app, parents can just select the right apps and adjust the settings according to their need.

The parents can just click on the app icon to open Kids Place and then give the mobile to child. The child shall be able to view and access only the apps that have been previously selected by the parents.

Some of the prominent features of the Kids Place app are:

 Password protection: You need a PIN to add new apps, enter the settings and exit Kids Place. Whenever a child tries to access an app outside the Kids Place, they are directed back to the home screen of Kids Place.

 Restricted accessibility: Only parent’s approved Apps are accessible and other apps are hidden. Unapproved apps are blocked and cannot be accessed by the child. Kids can’t download any app and internet access is restricted to the apps that the parents have approved.

 Screen time control: Parents can control how long and when an app can be used to manage or limit screen time for kids. A timer feature has been provided to automatically lock the mobile after a specific amount of time.

 User’s management: Parents can set the interface according to multiple users. There are multiple parental controls for different configurations, ranging from toddlers to teens. Different profiles can be created for different kids and chosen accordingly.

 Advanced security: Parents are provided with numerous options for content or devices access control. The app is highly customizable and can be protected to different levels. Kids Place is capable of disabling all the wireless signals. The web search history is monitored and parents can filter adult content and block sites.

 Interface setting: The interface for Kids Place can be personalised according to the needs of the parent and child. From font size to interface view, everything can be disguised to look as per a parent’s liking. Parents can enable or disable incoming calls when the Kids Place is running.

Kids Place provides an effective way to limit screen time for kids and online behaviour of your child. Download Kids Place to ensure that your child is not accessing harmful, adult or violent content on the internet.

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