Problems faced when using a screen time parental control app

Technological development and latest innovations in digital gadgets have made them favorite pass time for the children. Children easily get hooked up with these gadgets and begin to rely on them for entertainment, social touch and education. Though the benefits of these gadgets can not be underestimated, over indulgence and over reliance on them can lead to numerous mental and physical problems in children. Excessive use of smartphones has been found to be responsible for decrease in academic performance of a child and unhealthy changes in their sleep patterns.
Screen time is a term used for the time duration that an individual spends in front of a screen i.e.


TV, mobile, laptop, desktops, etc. While Apple has launched their own Screen Time application, there are some parental control applications available for other devices in the market that claim to solve the screen time problem of parents and let them choose an effective screen time for their children. These applications restrict the time spent by a child online or on the phone. It also enables a user to monitor how long they were using their gadgets and which applications took how much time.
However, like many other applications, these parental control apps have few problems as reported by users online.

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Some of the primary screen time parental control app problems are:

• Children are able to hack their way around it: Yes, several of these apps especially Apple’s Screen Time app was defeated by kids through simple mediums like changing the mobile’s default times or reinstalling the apps they wanted to play on. On the other hand, Kids Place parental control app solves this problem by creating a different interface for the kids on the same phone. It prevents kids from buying or downloading apps and changing any kinds of settings by keeping them all password protected.
• Restart/disable the application: In several cases, it was reported that if a phone was switched off for any reason, the timer was unable to measure and limit screen time effectively.

• Inaccessibility and frequent crashes: Heavy applications or applications that interfere with the mobile settings tend to frequently crash the system. However, lighter applications supported by Kids Place that work outside the main system settings and inside their own environment tend to be more effective.

• Screen time not reported properly or displaying wrong usage: This type of problem was mainly reported on applications updated recently. This can be a technical error that has to be checked by the developers. Sometimes, clearing of applications usage data has also proven to be effective.

• Complete restriction on calling and messaging facilities: Many of these parental control applications completely restrict a child’s access to calling and messaging facilities. These incoming and outgoing call and message restrictions imposed by these applications are not liked by most parents. Applications that allow a parent to choose whether or not to impose such restrictions are better liked.

Many of these problems are dependent on the gadget, the application is chosen and the expectations of parents from the app. It is best to thoroughly check through the features offered by the application and then choose a parental control app that not only solves the above issues for parents and children but is also a reliable one. Kids Place is the right app that scores brownie points on most parameters and expectations of the parents from a parental control app and is worth giving a try. Download Kids Place to experience the true benefits of a good parental control app.

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