Kiddoware Parenting Apps 2021

Kiddoware’s Best Parenting Apps To Use In 2021 available for your Android or iPhone to help you with your kids.

I can’t imagine that “Google” became a verb and our mobile phones became appendages that have been practically attached to human bodies. In this digital age, the technology changed the way we live our lives, communicate, interact, and even parent our kids. It has also introduced a lot of challenges and benefits along the way. But we adapt, because that’s the way it should be.

And while we continue struggle managing screen time of our kids, or finding some time for ourselves whilst nursing our kiddos, we applaud the technology today as it has also provided an impact in our lives in so many positive ways.

Let’s take for example, Facetime app. It gives our grandparents the ability to watch their grand kids’ first steps from anywhere around the world. Facebook, a social media platform that’s being used as a source of support for new parents who seek advice and encouragement from other parents. So, we can say that technology helps us keep things organized, save our time, and provide answers to almost anything (thanks, Google!).

This inspires, us, Kiddoware to develop apps and tools for parents. We think that our tools and apps will change the parenting game!

Kiddoware Parenting Apps

Safe Browser

#1 Safe browser app to block access to unsafe websites. Safe Browser is a cloud based web content filtering browser to provide safer internet surfing environment. Kiddoware, the developer of most popular Parental Control “Kids Place – Parental Control” now have their first parental control app for Apple device.

The browser has been specially designed for kids and it’s very easy to use. This parental control app works great on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Kids Safe Browser Today!

Baby Rattle Toy

Baby Rattle with Child Lock Basic is the best free interactive rattle toy for your infant or toddler on the AppStore! It is a visual stimulation game for your kiddos that comes with colorful animation and curious sounds that can entertain your kids while learning real-life objects.

Baby Rattle with Child Lock Basic app is also a great way to help develop your child’s hand-to-eye coordination skills, and can aid for the development of children with learning disabilities such as autism.

We offer lots of themes that require an In-App Purchase making the app even better.

Baby Rattle with Child Lock Basic Themes & Features

  • Theme: Airplanes
  • Theme: Animals
  • Theme: Colors
  • Theme: Contrast
  • Theme: Easter
  • Theme: Letters
  • Theme: Shapes
  • Theme: Ships
  • Theme: Toys
  • Theme: Trucks
  • Feature: Camera

Download Baby Rattle Toy

Kids Safe Video Player

“An easy to set up and use YouTube and videos player for parents and kids alike!”

There are lots of kids apps with parental controls on the app store that claim to have safe search, child lock, and lots of cool parenting app features. However, the problem is, most parents (let’s admit it) find it hard to configure these apps, to fully take advantage of its features and keep their children away from harmful, abusive, or adult content.

This is why we develop Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control. It works as an iOS video player that’s made especially for non-tech savvy parents and for KIDS. It’s easy to use and everything is done manually and easily.

This app also comes with a child safety lock that ensures your toddlers can only watch the child-friendly Youtube videos or any videos in your iOS device. Using this video player with child lock restricts children from accessing any unwanted videos or phone functions. Hence, parents can control what videos are allowed for their kids to watch.

Download Kids Safe Video Player

Kids Safe Browing VPN

Kids Safe Browsing with Website Filter & Porn Blocker is free, simple, yet tough porn filter for your iOS devices.

It is a user-friendly parental control app for iOS that is created to protect your kids and provide supervision to keep them safe online.

Download Kids Safe Browsing VPN

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