How to Control TikTok Screen Time on Your Smartphone?

Open TikTok, and you might find yourself spending long hours watching videos after video. Right? While each video is very short, it’s highly possible to watch hundreds of them back to back. And, even creating your own brings more fun. But, as a parent, you may not want your kid to spend hours on watching TikTok videos and fall in same trap.

The rising popularity of TikTok and such short-term videos has opened the floodgates of the user-generated videos. And some of these videos might not be useful for kids. So how do you stop your kids from watching such stuff?

And, now it has become easier to limit the time they spend  watching TikTok videos on a smartphone. Thankfully, like other media-centric maps, TikTok also has some privacy settings and parental controls. Apart from this, Kids Place Screen Time, which is a Kids Place Plugin, allows you to set up a daily schedule and advanced timer lock settings to limit the screen time of your kids on TikTok.  These applications restrict the time spent by the kids on using phone and also enable parents to know how long they were using the gadgets and which application took how much time.

You can download the free version of Kids Place from Play Store on your Android phone along with the safe browser.

Advantages of Kids Place Parental Control App Over Other Apps

There are some primary issues with other apps specially the Apple’s screen time which are solved by Kids Place app. Here are some of the advantages of this app over other apps:

  1. Several of the screen time apps were defeated by kids through simple mediums like reinstalling app or changing the phone to default settings.  On the other hand, Kids Place app solves this issue by creating a different interface for the kids on the same phone and prevents them from buying or downloading new apps.
  2. In some cases, it was reported that if the phone gets switched off for any reason, one was unable to measure the screen time. But Kids Place has resolved this issue too.
  3. Some apps display wrong usage due to technical error. On the other hand, Kids Place app has always proven to be effective.

Parental Control on TikTok App

Apart from this, you can also add some privacy settings on TikTok app to your smartphone. It has a Digital Wellbeing element which is password protected and alerts the users who have been on the app for more than two hours. One can also turn on the ‘Restricted Mode’ to filter out the inappropriate content on the app.

Kids Place is the best parental control app that will help you to control the screen time of your kid. After downloading the app, you can tap the option for selecting the apps to choose the ones that you would like to be accessed by your kids. The app creates a protected area within the phone which will allow your kids to only access those features that are approved by you.

Download FREE version of Parental control app:

FREE version of Safe Browser link :

Download these apps and secure the online activities of your child.

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