How much screen time is good for you and your kids?

Screen time is the amount of time that we spend using a device like, mobile, laptop, TV, etc. Too much screen time is not healthy for any individual of any age group and can lead to several health risks such as,

  • Amnesia due to the inability to leave the screen and sleep at night
  • Obesity due to lack of sleep and habit of undue eating with every screen time activity
  • Anxiety and depression due to losing contact with the outside world and subconsciously creating unrealistic expectations from life
  • Eye problems due to drying of capillaries resulting from over stress on eyes.
  • Chronic neck and back pain due to poor posture during screen time
  • Unhealthy choices due to frequent advertisement on these medias,

and a lot more.

We don’t recommend that getting rid of your device is a good idea but it is a better that we limit the screen time for everyone. But how much screen time is good for you:

  • It is recommended that we keep the screen time to a minimum in kids younger than two years of age.
  • For kids in the age group of 2-5 years of age it is recommended that they get at best 1-hour of screen time per day.
  • For kids more than 5-years of age, the recreational or enjoyment related screen time must be limited to 2-hours or less.
  • Teens must also keep their screen time limited to 2-hours or less. But this limit is not applied to their education related activities.
  • For people above the age of 19 or 20 the screen time includes work related activities, recreational activities and much more. It is necessary to curb on the desire to these devices and limit your usage to minimum outside your daily official need.

Over usage for these devices is often linked to behavioural addiction just like gambling where a person increases their said activity with the notion of ‘just a bit more and then I will stop’.

Some of the most recommended ways to curb the screen time and get rid of some of its side effects are:

  • Take regular breaks: Stand up, stretch and move around at regular intervals like every half an hour. This break should be of at least 5-minutes or more.
  • Be conscious of your body and its fitness: Pay attention to your posture and don’t eat in front of the screen.
  • Download a good screen time app: Downloading a screen time app and try using the media in a healthy way. There are some really good screen time apps like Kids Place that let you choose the time for which the user is able to use a particular set of applications. The app also helps you monitor the activities of your ward and keeps them safe from the online hazards.
  • Encourage child for outdoor activities: The most important part to play as a parent is to encourage a child into engaging in outdoor activities. Create media free zones on dinner tables, etc. where mobiles, laptops, etc cannot be used and people interact with each other.   

Download Kids Play now to enjoy a healthy screen time, and also limit the screen time of your kids to a healthy level. The app also saves your kids from accessing age inappropriate and other harmful content.

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