Can Too Much Screen Time Damage Your Eyes?

In this digital era, it is common to see everyone with their eyes glued to television, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Be it a toddler or an adult, everyone is hooked to the beauty of digitalization. The hiccup is all about spending time tethered to the screen as it can damage those innocent eyes. Although it may seem quite normal, too much exposure to the blue light emitted from these gadget causes adverse effect.

Eye problems caused by too much screen time

  1. Myopia (nearsightedness) – According to studies, children who spend more time inside the house are more likely to develop Myopia or nearsightedness. Over the years, the rate of nearsightedness has increased dramatically. Exposure to natural light is important for visual health.
  2. Eye Fatigue – The light emitted from the gadgets are harmful to the eyes. As the children absorb themselves in the digital world, they lose track of time. Prolonged attention to the screen causes eye-strain.
  3. Dry Eyes – When the eyes are glued to the screen, they blink far less. It causes the eyes to get dry and irritated.
  4. Loss of Focus – When the child continuously looks at the screen for a long duration, it becomes difficult for them to adjust with distant vision and hence, the children might face a loss of focus.

Why to keep children away from the mighty ‘screen’?

•    For better eye health

•    To encourage children for outdoor activities

•    To adopt healthy sleep habits

•    To promote social relationships

Schedule their daily screen time

  • Set a limit on daily screen time. Make sure your children follow it. Talk to your children and make them understand the pros and cons.
  • Download and install parental control app, ‘Kids Place’ from Google Play Store. Once installed, start the app, set the PIN and use it to restrict apps for limited usage of smartphones or tablets.
  • Encourage your child to spend time outdoors. Swimming, skating, cricket, basketball are some of the interesting sports to engage your child in outdoor activities.
  • Promote screen-free zones- keep a few places where no one in the family can use a smartphone. For example, dinner table area, restaurants, cars should be the restricted areas.
  • . Talking or reading books or playing games help them stay away from distractions from the screen.

Let your child practice good eye habits!

People of any age group should apply 20-20-20 rule when using a computer or other screen device. 20-20-20 rule is looking away from the screen for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes and focus on an object that is 20 feet away. A timer can help the child remember this healthy practice. 

Visit a pediatric ophthalmologist

Children hardly notice any vision problems until and unless it has grown that big. Moreover, it is harder to tell if they are developing any problem at all. Vitamin A and eye exercises can help the child in improving the vision, but a regular eye exam should be a part of your child’s healthcare schedule. Visit a pediatric ophthalmologist and get a comprehensive eye check-up.

Download Kids Place from Google Play Store or App Store to monitor the online activities of your kids while you are away.

Safe Browser Parental Control – Free Link

Kids Place – Parental Control – Free Link

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