Importance of Baby Toy Apps, like our Baby Rattle Toy Free App

Baby Toy Rattle

Yes, we all know that even in this digital World, toddlers wouldn’t need mobile baby toy apps. They should go straight from playing with traditional handcrafted wooden toys to doing kid activities without batting an eye, they develop and improve creativity, and work on problem-solving abilities. But then again, since we’re living in the real world, sometimes we need to make a phone call, take a bath, or dine at a restaurant without a screaming toddler demanding all of your attention. Hence, baby toy apps for toddlers.

But this doesn’t mean that all the screen time has to be empty and devoid of any healthy habits and educational value. The best baby toy apps for kids and toddlers do both: entertain the kids for a minute or two, when you really have to do something, and possibly, maybe teach them about letters, colors, or numbers.

This is why we develop Baby Rattle for iOS and Android, to do just that — and both of them for free.

What is Baby Rattle Toy?

Baby Rattle Toy is the Best Free Developmental Toy for Babies of 2021 – Perfect for throwing in the diaper bag.

This baby toy keeps your toddler entertained as he learns to improve shape recognition and motor activity. You can choose from different baby themes (via In-app purchase), complete with sound effects.

“Get all the Baby Rattle Themes and Features ($10.98 value) with the paid version – Now with just $5.99!”

Baby Rattle Toy with Child Lock is the best free interactive rattle toy for your infant or toddler on the AppStore! It is a visual stimulation game for your kiddos that comes with colorful animation and curious sounds that can entertain your kids while learning real-life objects.

Baby Rattle with Child Lock Basic app by Kiddoware is also a great way to help develop your child’s hand-to-eye coordination skills, and can aid for the development of children with learning disabilities such as autism.

We offer lots of themes that require an In-App Purchase making the app even better.

Baby Rattle Toy with Child Lock Themes & Features

  • Theme: Airplanes
  • Theme: Animals
  • Theme: Colors
  • Theme: Contrast
  • Theme: Easter
  • Theme: Letters
  • Theme: Shapes
  • Theme: Ships
  • Theme: Toys
  • Theme: Trucks
  • Feature: Camera

[!!!] Please, read how to enable Child Lock at the end of this description [!!!]

With Baby Rattle with Child Lock Basic app, you can calm or amuse your baby with your iPhone or iPad. You baby will love this toy. With this app you will always have a toy to calm your baby. The app makes rattling sound as various cute objects animate and move on the screen. Tapping the object triggers an animation and sound effect that your baby will love. App also includes a high contrast black and white pattern rattle style as a visual stimulant for newborns.

Baby Rattle Toy with Child Lock Features:

• 12 different rattle styles. Each with different sound effects.
• Animated objects in rattle will entertain your kids while improving child’s hand eye co-ordination as they try to tap on moving animals, fishes, toys and other cute objects
• Each object in rattle animates with sound effect when tapped.
• Newborn friendly black and white rattle style.
• Infant friendly – Rattle animates automatically for 20 seconds and can be triggered again by a simple shake.

How To Lock Home Button

o. Please go to Device Settings > Accessibility.
o. Tap on Guided Access and turn on Guided Access.
o. Before handing over the device to your kids, please start Kids Safe Browser and tap home button three times.

Baby Rattle with Child Lock Basic is designed that way, than when Home button is locked, child wont be able to leave Rattle.

Download Baby Rattle You with Child Lock Today!


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